PowerVibe Announces New Zen Pro Touch

PowerVibe announces their all-new Zen Pro Touch whole body vibration machine with cutting-edge touch screen display, graphics, and content

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PowerVibe USA, a Dallas-based supplier of high quality, high value whole body vibration equipment, announces the introduction of their all-new Zen Pro Touch Whole Body Vibration machine.

The Zen Pro Touch offers cutting-edge touch screen technology – a feature not previously found on vibration products under $7,000. In addition to the large, sharp contrast display, every PhD designed exercise program features a full-color Personal Trainer that demonstrates proper body positioning and technique. Content is truly groundbreaking, and includes Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced programs for Total Body, Arms and Shoulders, Legs, Hips and Glutes, Back, and Abdominals; Sport Specific programs for Golf, Tennis, Cycling, Running, Skiing, Swimming, and Gymnastics, and programs for Upper and Lower Body Flexibility, Balance, and Massage. All provide the Personal Trainer feature. In addition, there are 5 Quick Start programs and Manual mode.

According to company Vice President Scott Logan, “the Zen Pro Touch features an extraordinary combination of technology and content. Yet, with an MSRP of just $3299 it follows the PowerVibe tradition of extraordinary value. There is literally nothing like it at anywhere near that price point. That, combined with its class leading residential warranty, and a commercial warranty, will allow our specialty dealers to have success with it in multiple channels.

PowerVibe USA is a full line supplier of whole body vibration products and is well established in medical, chiropractic, therapy, and athletic performance markets. PowerVibe products are used in notable institutions such as Life University, Sherman College, Southern California University of Health Sciences, and the Michael Johnson Performance Center – in addition to being used by thousands of health professionals in the US and Canada.

For more information contact Scott Logan at (425) 501-9966 or email at scott@powervibeusa.com.