National Osteoporosis Prevention Month

PowerVibe USA, a Dallas, TX based supplier of high quality, high value Whole Body Vibration products, reminds specialty fitness dealers that May is Osteoporosis Prevention Month.

Fitness dealers who sell vibration need to be aware that Whole Body Vibration (WBV) has shown greater promise in building bone mineral density, which is the first step in treating osteoporosis, than any other fitness product category.

In fact, research studies have shown that WBV is demonstrably, measurably, and significantly better than walking or resistance training in not only slowing the loss of, but actually increasing, bone mineral density in post-menopausal women, the group most at risk for osteoporosis. (NOTE: Walking vs. WBV study is Gusi N. Raimundo A. & Leal A, (2006), Resistance training vs. WBV is Verschueren S. M., Roelants M., Delecluse C., Swinnen S., Vanderschueren B. & Boonen S., (2004). To view these studies go to Mineral Density. A downloadable PDF containing these and other relevant WBV/osteoporosis studies is available at

According to PowerVibe USA VP of sales and marketing Scott Logan, “in the US alone, 10 million people already suffer from osteoporosis, and another 44 million are at risk. For years, many of us in the fitness industry have been preaching weight bearing exercise and resistance training as the best battle plan for fighting osteoporosis. We now know that WBV is significantly better than both. These study results are remarkable, and the modality itself is remarkable. As an industry, if we are serious about helping people with osteoporosis, we need to do everything in our power to get the word out about Whole Body Vibration”.

PowerVibe, founded in 2006 by Dr. Christian Reichardt, is a full line supplier of whole body vibration products and is well established in medical, chiropractic, therapy, and athletic performance markets. PowerVibe products are used in notable institutions such as Life University, Sherman College, Southern California University of Health Sciences, and the Michael Johnson Performance Center – in addition to thousands of health professionals in the US and Canada.

For more information contact Scott Logan at (425) 501-9966 or email at