Playmakers joins Grassroots Outdoor Alliance as Retail Member

Playmakers joins Grassreoots OUtdoor Alliance as our newest retail member.

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is pleased to announce that Playmakers, Inc. has joined our organization as a Retail member.

Playmakers is an award winning footwear and apparel store which helps customers increase their fitness level. Besides the products they sell, Playmakers also promotes events, and sponsors programs primarily for runners and walkers.
According to Brian Jones, Co-owner of Playmakers, “Our Company's long term goals are to continue to provide an enjoyable and productive environment of specialty retail to our community and staff with a continued focus on education, fitness and wellness.”

Mark Satkiewicz, President and General Manager of Smartwool adds: “Playmakers is one of the top account relationships we have in the world and Playmakers makes an amazing addition to your group. I know the owners and management team very well and they are best in class.”

With this kind of focus on customer service, quality products and dedication to their local community, Playmakers is a natural fit to the Grassroots Outdoor Alliance. We look forward to bringing their expertise in specialty running to our Alliance.

Grassroots Outdoor Alliance unites independent outdoor retailers as a strong voice to protect and promote the experience of outdoor enthusiasts across the United States. To learn more about Grassroots Outdoor Alliance, visit our website at