OutdoorIndustryJobs.com and Generator Group Partner

Woodland CA - OutdoorIndustryJobs.com is providing a job posting discount to all Generator Group clients and the Generator Group will serve as a content partner for the Career Tools section on OutdoorIndutryJobs.com

Laurel King, founder and owner said, “The Generator Group is a well-respected company in the industry and works with major outdoor brands. Having them aboard to provide content for OutdoorIndustryJobs.com and support for our employer clients is a good fit".

“Partnering with OutdoorIndustryJobs.com gives us another great channel through which to share our research, articles and other expertise,” agreed Generator Group Founder and Consumer Products Partner, Roy Notowitz. “With over eight years of experience in working with top outdoor industry brands, we look forward to supporting even more OutdoorIndustryJobs.com employers with their searches.”


OutdoorIndustryJobs.com, is an employment network web site for the Outdoor, Bicycle, Hunting & Fishing, Action Sports and Winter Sport Industries where job seekers and employers may connect to fill positions available in the industry

Generator Group: www.generatorgroup.net

Generator Group is a talent management firm offering a variety of recruiting and consulting services to support growth through human capital. Generator Group has been delivering superior results to clients since 2000 with its proprietary Sure Hire Processâ„¢, a proven recruiting methodology designed to ensure consistent high quality hires. The firm works with leading consumer products, technology products and services, non-profit and public sector organizations nationwide. Website: www.generatorgroup.net.

For additional information Contact: Laurel King, 888-345-1929 or laurel@outdoorindustryjobs.com, 21 Locust St., Woodland, CA 95695