Osprey Posts 2008 CSR Report

Osprey Packs Posts 2008 Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Celebrating its 35th year as an independent pack manufacturer, Osprey has enjoyed a long tradition of developing the highest quality packs for the outdoor community. The commitment to create a long-lasting, durable product has been at the company's core since the start, defining its mission for quality design with less impact. For Osprey, sustainability is built into its packs, which are built to last a lifetime and backed by a new All Mighty Guarantee. Osprey continues to look to its packs for sustainable solutions, incorporating more recycled materials and mitigating waste during many aspects of production and supply.
Continued success with its volunteer and carbon reduction programs signifies the overall strength and commitment of Osprey's sustainability efforts. The Osprey Volunteer Incentive Program, which allows Team Members eight hours of paid volunteer service per year, witnessed over 200 hours of work put towards the completion of 12 different local, regional and national projects. The Sustainable Transportation Program for Team Members also remained strong with high participation and substantial savings in fossil fuel emissions. Osprey first organized this program to reduce its carbon footprint by offering cash incentives for Team Members who carpool or use non-motorized transport.
New initiatives and partnerships in 2009 demonstrate Osprey's ability to implement further goals to reduce impact and improve community relations for the future. One such commitment is Osprey's planned partnership with Telluride Ski Resort, which represents an opportunity for two southwest Colorado brands to promote their vision of success and sustainability in the region.
Osprey produced additional results in its sustainability program in 2008:
•The ReSource Series Collection of packs now incorporates recycled materials with a content analysis as high as 86 percent.

•The Osprey Pro Deal Donation Program, which requires a two dollar per transaction donation, is due to raise over $7,000 in 2008 for diverse, environmental non-profits. The bi-annual Community Locals Sale raised $2,300 in 2008 for two local non-profits supporting local causes.

•Following a major expansion project last year at its headquarters in Cortez, Colorado that emphasized environmental performance, Osprey this year replaced the remaining conventional urinals with waterless models. The act will save an estimated 19,000 gallons of water per year in a region where water conservation is critical. The company continued its tree planting project lining the south side of Osprey headquarters in Cortez, Colorado with deciduous trees.

•The Osprey in-house recycling program is the most comprehensive business-recycling program of its kind in southwest Colorado. The 2008 calendar year saw the addition of electronic waste and household batteries into an already sizable list of accepted recyclables.

•Osprey received REI's Vendor Partner of the Year for 2008 award, due in part to its overall commitment to sustainability and the environment.

These recent endeavors help to build on Osprey's already developed environmental and social practices. One of the most significant and successful initiatives in 2008 was the Osprey Volunteer Incentive Program, which reached new milestones in almost every aspect. Perhaps the most outstanding achievement of 2008 was the planning and execution of projects by individual Team Members. Of the 12 projects completed in 2008, individuals in the company organized seven. This achievement represents the expanded interest and participation from Team Members and Osprey as a whole to support communities and enhance overall citizenry of the company.
Individually Organized Volunteer Projects 2008
•Phil's World Trail Work Project
•Montezuma Elections Office Volunteer Project
•Colorado State Parks Volunteer Project
•Mancos Valley Balloon Festival
•Pike's Peak Challenge
•Bluff Senior Center Project
•Leadership Montezuma Education Series

Osprey Organized Volunteer Projects 2008
•Colorado Fourteeners Initiative
•Hawkins Preserve/Four Corners Climbing Coalition Trails Project
•Carpenter Preserve Trails Project
•Mesa Verde Graffiti Buster Project
•Mesa Verde National Park Holiday Open House/Luminaria Celebration

Osprey Sustainable Transportation Initiative 2008 Update
Osprey continually seeks out opportunities to decrease its carbon footprint, and has used the sustainable transportation initiative to make significant reductions in emissions. Osprey's efforts to encourage non-motorized transportation and carpools as an alternative to driving have helped steer the success of the program. Since the start of the initiative in 2005, the amount of individual commutes by Team Members to and from headquarters using non-motorized transportation has totaled 3,960 trips.

Perhaps the most celebrated and mobilizing component of the Sustainable Transportation Initiative occurs during Colorado's Bike to Work day. Last year's event experienced nearly 90-percent participation, which collectively totaled 289.5 miles in commuting distance. Osprey's success with the program and Bike to Work Day has also inspired the idea to expand the program into the community. In 2009, Osprey hopes to organize a local business challenge around Colorado Bike-To-Work Day or Week to encourage others in the community to utilize sustainable transportation.

Looking Toward 2009:

As Osprey moves into 2009, the company will continue to expand its momentum in social responsibility to influence further positive change. Osprey's partnership with Telluride Ski Resort embodies this commitment to community support and sustainability. In addition to providing packs for ski patrol and guides, Osprey will support Telluride's mission to green their lifts by sponsoring green power for the Prospect Express (Lift 12). Telluride and Osprey will also explore marketing opportunities that communicate the virtues and success of their complimentary brands and their vision of sustainable business.

Plans and Goals for the future:

While its philosophy has always incorporated environmental and social concerns, Osprey understands that remaining a leader in sustainability is an evolutionary process. Osprey is committed to not only maintaining its current efforts, but seeking out new opportunities for long-term sustainability. The company also plans to continue its current endeavors in sustainability and community outreach, while encouraging their growth for the future. The following includes of some of Osprey's past efforts in social responsibility.

Fair Labor Practices at the Vietnam Facility
•Osprey maintains a design and quality control office, currently staffed by ten Osprey team members in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Osprey works with the factories that manufacture their products on a daily basis, not just during production runs. This allows the company to advocate for fair wages and monitor fair labor practices.
2009 Pro Deal Donation Recipients
•Recipients will be non-profit trail organizations including the American Discovery Trail Society, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, the Continental Divide Trail Alliance, the Ice Age Park Foundation and the Pacific Crest Trail Association.
Team Member Wellness Program
•To encourage Team Members health and wellness, Osprey maintains a Safety Committee that helps ensure improved working conditions, such as ergonomic workstations and safe-lifting practices. The company also provides passes to Team Members to a local recreation facility. Additionally, Osprey's Outings team plans four outdoor trips per year to allow team members the ability to interact outside of work and test products in the outdoors.

For the entire report, please visit blog.ospreypacks.com.

Media Contact:
Kristin Carpenter-Ogden


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