NSP Releases Outdoor Emergency Care - 5th Edition

The National Ski Patrol's (NSP) new emergency medical care textbook, Outdoor Emergency Care 5th Edition, provides current emergency care info to all pre-hospital care providers, making this the best training tool for anyone who goes outside.

The National Ski Patrol's (NSP) new emergency medical care textbook, Outdoor Emergency Care Fifth Edition, has had a very successful release with their partner, Brady Publishing. Since the text came out in May 2011, over 11,000 copies have been bought by patrollers and other emergency care responders. This number is close to double the number of sales in the first three months of release of the previous edition.

"The Outdoor Emergency Care Fifth Edition by Brady has been a phenomenal success due to its innovative design, current emergency care information, and relevance to all pre-hospital care providers, especially those agencies that work in the rural/wilderness environments," said NSP OEC Program Director Ed McNamara. "This book will be the emergency medical care standard for many outdoor emergency care providers for the immediate future. We extend our thanks and congratulations to all of the authors, reviewers, editorial staff, publishing staff, and others that contributed to this manual."

Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) is the standard of training for the nation's 28,000 ski patrollers, as well as others who work in the outdoors, such as search-and-rescue personnel, river and mountain guides, and others. OEC is now being taught at a variety of higher-level educational institutions, including community colleges.

"The Outdoor Emergency Care Fifth Edition has delivered to our members the most current standard of training available," said NSP Education Director Darcy Hanley. "This text will help OEC-trained first responders provide the highest standard of care to injured skiers and snowboarders. The support from Brady, and the richness of the supplementary materials, is outstanding."

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