NSP announces revitalized Safety Team

The National Ski Patrol has announced a new Safety Team that consists of members that are uniquely qualified in the area of slope safety.

The National Ski Patrol (NSP) has announced a new, revitalized Safety Team. NSP would like to welcome the new members of the NSP Safety Team, Mike Husar, Brett Henyon, Shauna Bocksch, Patrick Cruver, and Sal Mascarenas, as well as returning members Mike Petrozzi, Lonny Whitcomb, and Ed Strapp. The new team consists of members that are uniquely qualified in the area of slope safety.

"We are excited to welcome the new members to the NSP Safety Team," said NSP Executive Director Tim White. "With their background and extensive experience, it is a great opportunity to take the Safety Team's messaging and impact to the next level."

In 2008, the National Ski Patrol resurrected its Safety Team. The team works to promote a variety of safety messages at ski resorts and position the NSP as the leading authority on skiing and snowboarding safety. The Safety Team considers a variety of initiatives to continue to promote safety on the slopes, including helmets, nutrition, hydration, avalanche awareness, and Your Responsibility Code.

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About the National Ski Patrol

The National Ski Patrol is a federally-chartered nonprofit membership association dedicated to serving the public and the mountain recreation industry. For 73 years, the NSP has been at the forefront of safety and emergency care education programs. The association's 28,000 members represent 98 percent of the nation's patrollers. For more information, access www.nsp.org.


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