Not Your Average Spin Class: ‘X-Biking®’

‘X-Biking,’A Natural Evolution to Spinning, Gains Momentum at California Family Fitness with 95 Classes Weekly The X-Bike’s Unique Design Promotes Core Strengthening; Tackling Bulging Mid Drifts One Love Handle at a Time

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‘X-Biking,'A Natural Evolution to Spinning, Gains Momentum at California Family Fitness with 95 Classes Weekly

The X-Bike's Unique Design Promotes Core Strengthening; Tackling Bulging Mid Drifts One Love Handle at a Time

San Francisco, CA – The Trixter Total Body X-Bike® and California Family Fitness in Sacramento are changing the way people think about exercise. Physical inactivity along with unhealthy dietary habits have resulted in over 2/3's of the US adult population now overweight, or obese. California Family Fitness's 95 X-Biking classes a week offer a fun, fully immersive, highly efficient way to get fit, fast, battling the waistline bulge head on. The X-Biking movement has redefined the indoor cycling workout by engaging the upper body and core musculature while the legs do the pedaling. The exercise offers enhanced total body fitness benefits while bringing the natural movements of outdoors cycling indoors.

"As a fitness professional and fitness enthusiast I searched and searched for right piece of exercise equipment or group exercise class that fulfilled all of my and my clients' fitness needs. My search was fruitless, that is, until the Trixter X-Bike came along!,” said Molly Knox, X-Biking X-Cat Master Instructor at California Family Fitness in Sacramento, California. “X-Biking became my passion five minutes into my first ride. X-Biking delivers a fast, highly varied, interval style workout designed for people of all shapes and sizes. Many people who have struggled with weight loss are now shedding inches and owe it all to their X-Biking workouts."

X-Bike is an all-immersive, true cross-training experience that can deliver a 500-calorie workout in 30 minutes

California Family Fitness has an ever-growing fan base of satisfied X-Biking enthusiasts who want a fun, efficient and effective total body workout. What began with just ten X-Biking classes a week at one club location has quickly grown to total of 95 classes per week at four club locations offering beginner through advanced classes, including the increasingly popular "Extreme Scene," a special X-Biking class for children aged 9-11.

“In comparison to other group exercises (even our other indoor cycling programs) the thing that strikes me most about our X-Bikers is they are all very passionate and so amped up about X-Biking. Most of them say they're addicted,” said Melissa Thomas, Group Fitness Director of California Family Fitness. Our Folsom club location has 50 X-Bikes and it is such a blast to teach X-Biking in a room filled with so many members that love our X-Biking classes and continue to get a terrific workout each and every time they jump on their X-Bike.”

“The three key things that stand out about X-Biking at California Family Fitness from a business perspective are X-Bikers have found a way to put fitness into their weekly routine, making it an essential part of their daily lives. That's the core goal of any health club manager. Our X-Biker's also see tremendous results, and fast. People fully realizing their fitness goals and being able to show it is what keeps them coming back for more and has them telling others how they did it; and, lastly, a more than welcome surprise for Group Fitness in general, between 30% and 50% of our X-Bikers are MEN, broadening our participant base tremendously,” says Thomas.

Mojo Ridin'
The best way to explain the X-Biking experience in words is to have you imagine combining your favorite lower-body cardio machine with your favorite upper body strength training methods, then add in some serious core stability and lower back strengthening exercises and what you'd get is something almost as cool as the X-Bike. If you were to take the X-Bike for a ride what you'll experience is the ultimate in total-body, low impact exercise with movement so natural and immersive you'll genuinely enjoy the effort. You might even forget you're actually exercising.

The Mojo behind the X-Bike is the X-Bars, a unique patented handlebar mechanism on the front of the bike that the rider moves from side to side against adjustable resistance creating a natural rhythmic movement not possible on any other indoor fitness bike. The X-Bike provides functional, total-body, low-impact cardio conditioning as well as core and lower back strengthening, and even balance and coordination training.

“If you don't have a lot of time and want to get a full body workout, the X-Bike is your answer,” said Steve, an X-Biking enthusiast at California Family Fitness. “I used to swim but I wanted something to stimulate more weight loss. I tried lifting, spinning, a treadmill; I even tried aerobics! X-Biking is the best because I can get a low-impact upper, middle, and lower body workout, and I really lost the weight I wanted to.”

The X-Bike is considered the safest studio cycle available because riders can fully control every aspect of how the X-Bike rides. In addition to the free wheel drive, which allows the rider to instinctively ‘coast,' just like riding outdoors, the bike's shifting mechanism is integrated into the grip on the X-Bars so there is no interruption in movement to change the pedal resistance. These safety features make it an ideal choice for the often overlooked de-conditioned, older and injury rehabilitation groups as well as children, families, and serious outdoor sports enthusiasts.

“Our members come to classes; stay in classes, and some have even paid X-Biking the ultimate compliment by becoming X-Biking instructors committed to getting others hooked,” said Thomas.

About Trixter:
Founded in 2000, Trixter Developments Ltd. designs, manufactures, and markets indoor cycling equipment and programs built to energize people of all ages and enhance their health and fitness. Trixter Developments Ltd. is based in Wiltshire, England and serves as the company's corporate and new product development headquarters. Trixter North America, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Trixter Developments Ltd. is based in Redwood City, California and serves as the global marketing sales headquarters for the Americas. For additional information, visit All American inquiries please call 650.364.7525 and e-mail All Euro-Asian inquiries please call (44) 1249.700.604 and e-mail The X-Bike® and X-Biking® are registered trademarks of the Trixter Group.

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