Nikwax and the AAC offer Grant to Document Effects of Global Warming

In order to document the impacts of global warming in alpine regions, Nikwax is underwriting the Nikwax Alpine Bellwether Grant (NABG), in association with the American Alpine Club (AAC)

SEATTLE, Wash. (January 21, 2009) – High alpine environments are early indicators of climate change. In order to document the impacts of global warming in these fragile ecosystems, Nikwax is underwriting the Nikwax Alpine Bellwether Grant (NABG), in association with the American Alpine Club (AAC)

“The NABG complements our focus on alpine conservation work around the world,” said Phil Powers, executive director of the AAC. “The alpine ecosystems have some of the highest biodiversity rates on the planet, and also store critical sources of fresh water for the lowlands. This grant can be an integral step toward proper stewardship.”

The NABG will be awarded annually, with $3000.00 divided between two or three recipients. Grantees will visit alpine regions to observe and photograph changes in glacier recession, upward plant migration, animal sightings and other critical indicators. The photographs and findings will be provided to climate experts, who can then detail methods for mitigating current and future impacts of global warming in fragile environments.

Results will be published in the American Alpine News, on the AAC website and in the AAC Annual Report.

“It is our honor to work with the AAC, and to support this crucial program,” explained Chas Fisher, global brand manager for Nikwax. “The final product will have massive potential to heighten public awareness of at-risk regions that may be easily overlooked because they are not heavily visited. For Nikwax, the NABG is a manifestation of the philosophies upon which we've built our business: strive to minimize negative environmental impacts, encourage exploration and enjoyment of wild places, and protect those same places where we play.”

Anyone interested in alpine conservation is welcome to apply for the NABG. Please visit for more information. Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2009.

The American Alpine Club inspires and supports and the climbing community and protects its playgrounds around the world. The AAC is perhaps best know for publishing the world's most sought after annual climbing publication, the American Alpine Journal, caring for the world's leading mountaineering library and offering annual climbing, conservation and research grants to budding adventurers. Learn about additional programs and become a member at:

Since 1977, Nikwax has led the market in producing safe, effective products that protect and extend the life of apparel, footwear and outdoor gear. Nikwax upholds a commitment to technical innovation, product quality, environmental assessment and customer service. Nikwax is a carbon-balanced company.
The business philosophy and environmental ethos of Nikwax come directly from the founder and Managing Director, Nick Brown. His commitment to excellence and corporate responsibility earned him an appointment to the Board of the EOG Association for Conservation, an offshoot of the European Outdoor Industry. The Board is charged with the conservation and protection of wild areas.


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