New Fold Away Strength Trainer Raises the Bar on Home Exercise

Torque Fitness, LLC, a manufacturer of premium strength equipment, presents its newest home gym, the top-of-the-line F7, which delivers the ultimate functional strength-training workouts in a compact corner of a room.

Andover, Minn. – Jan. 16, 2009– Torque Fitness, LLC, a manufacturer of premium strength equipment that pioneered the first-ever Fold Away Strength Trainer (F.A.S.T.), presents its newest home gym, the top-of-the-line F7, which delivers the ultimate functional strength-training workouts in a compact corner of a room.
“With a new, unmatched industrial design; two 150-pound weight stacks; an optional, removable, adjustable bench; and numerous other engineering and aesthetic innovations, the F7 is an unrivaled multifunctional gym and the best example of Intelligent Power today,” said Tom Baumler, director of marketing at Torque Fitness.
All Torque Fitness home gyms are built to yield Intelligent Power, which is defined training in three-dimensional space the way the body moves in everyday physical and sporting activities. The goal is to maximize strength training effectiveness and the benefits it brings to daily life – whether that means playing with children or grandchildren, adding length to a golf drive or simply carrying groceries.
Another extraordinary advantage of the F7 is that it can be quickly and easily folded into a solid enclosure of 39-1/2 inches by 39-1/2 inches for exceptional space efficiency and a light, sleek presentation that beautifully complements any home environment. Plus, pull-pins on the latching doors are located at the top so that young children cannot access the closed unit, which thereby provides greater security.
Powerful Package
The single station machine features an open platform and is equipped with two swivel pulleys, each with 30 adjustment positions, to facilitate virtually unlimited exercises. One limb can be worked at a time, both limbs together, or both alternating for greater variety and muscle symmetry. And the 93-3/4 inches of travel on the pulleys expands exercise options and allows for powerful, quick movements.
The flat to incline bench has five adjustment angles up to 70 degrees to accommodate a variety of pressing motions and supported exercises. Its ergonomic design ensures that the shoulders are correctly aligned, helps reduce lower back strain and accommodates users of different sizes. Easy docking tabs eliminate guesswork when moving the bench to maintain the correct position relative to the pulleys.
Plus, the lightweight bench includes wheels and can be completely removed to facilitate standing exercises on the platform, exercises using a stability ball or balance trainer (both sold separately) or independent use. When users are ready to close the gym, the bench easily folds into the main frame.
Also new to the F7 are the integrated chin-up station with two grip options and a weight-assist strap, along with an expanded accessory holder to house the standard accessories: two soft strap T-grip handles, a straight bar, a leg boot, a squat harness and two universal adapters.
An integrated clipboard holder puts the exerciser's personalized workout information, derived from Torque's exclusive partnership with HyperStrike's online customized training program, at his/her fingertips.
Convenience and workout efficiency are maximized with Torque's trademark features, such as the Torque Fork magnetic adherence weight selection system, the FAST-Attach quick connection system and Torque orange adjustment knobs. And the new perforated screens on the gyms doors include soundproofing strips to minimize noise.
Availability and Options
Select specialty fitness retailers currently carry the F7, which has a manufacturer's list price of $3,199 (optional bench is $399). It is backed by a limited lifetime warranty on the frames, welds and parts and 10 years on the cables and upholstery.
Torque Fitness Background
Founded in 2005 by a passionate team of leaders with more than 175 years of fitness industry experience, Torque Fitness is dedicated to developing innovations that accelerate the mainstreaming of strength training for healthy lifestyles. These innovations encompass footprints and aesthetics that offer greater compatibility with today's home environments; more exercise variety and methods that enable users to train the way their body moves in real life; and personalized, Internet-based training to motivate and educate about the benefits of Torque systems.
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