Multisport Journeys Gear Available At Action Water Sports

Central Florida’s largest kayak dealer sports MSJ’s kayak fishing tees and hats. The two companies have partnered to design a kayak fishing image that can be imprinted on MSJ's full range of outdoor activewear.

Multisport Journeys, LLC (MSJ) and Action Water Sports (AWS) have partnered to design a kayak fishing image that can be imprinted on MSJ's full range of outdoor activewear including cotton and stay dry wicking tee shirts, hats, fleeces and other gift items.

Mutlisport Journeys founder and CEO Sue Field explained that MSJ draws new sports and travel artwork for wholesale accounts at no cost and then adds the new illustrations to its art collection. Drawn in the MSJ whimsical style, designing new art for its customizable apparel featuring popular sports and adventure activities is a win-win.

“We like to work with niche sports providers because they really know and love their sport,” said Ms. Field. “Even though our artwork could be called cartoon-style, we want to get the details right so an enthusiast embraces it. David Sims at AWS approached us about drawing a kayak fishing image after seeing our other kayak drawings. We were not familiar with the sport, so his input was invaluable.”

AWS in Auburndale is central Florida's largest kayak dealer and now a Multisports retailer. In addition to the kayak fishing tees and hats, Action Water Sports also sells MSJ's gal kayaker hats. “The artwork is really unique and fun. I like that MSJ's new Solo designs for its cotton and wicking t-shirts focus solely on the sport,” said Mr. Sims. “MSJ gear can also be name dropped to include business logos and names. In addition to driving sales, AWS increases its brand awareness as consumers wear MSJ products with our store name on it.”

MSJ's 12+ online ordering tool lets wholesalers create custom wearable art and accessories by mixing and matching single, triple or quadruple groupings of the Company's sports artwork. The resulting design can then be printed, lasered or embroidered in the USA onto a choice of 250+ products. In addition to choosing artwork, MSJ's easy to use website lets wholesale accounts pick the product style and color they want in their own unique design. MSJ's products are available in men's, women's, youth, toddler and baby sizes and styles.

About Action Water Sports
Action Water Sports of Auburndale is central Florida's largest kayak dealer. Family owned and operated since 1992, AWS sells a full range of kayaks, canoes and accessories and provides outstanding customer service during and long after its equipment sales. To learn more about Action Water Sports visit their website

About Multisport Journeys 

Multisport Journeys promotes positive “get active outdoors” messages with 400+ original sports & travel images representing everything from mainstream sports (hiking, biking, skiing) to niche adventures (rock climbing, mountaineering) to team sports (soccer, lacrosse) to fitness (running, yoga), paddle (SUP, kayak) and travel (jeeping, ATVing) activities. MSJ's artwork can be laser etched into high quality fleece jackets or vests, printed on casual cotton or technical wicking apparel and embroidered onto baseball caps and snow beanies. To learn more about Multisport Journeys visit their website



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