Movement Jam cashes in on skiing’s biggest trends

Wide at the tips and narrow at the waist, the Movement Jam is poaching the best lines from two of the hottest trends in ski sales

BOULDER, COLORADO (April 11, 2011) – Wide at the tips and narrow at the waist, the Movement Jam is poaching the best lines from two of the hottest trends in ski sales.

According to the 2011 SIA Show Daily, big-mountain widebody designs (LINK) and lift-served hardpack skis (LINK) are key drivers of both retail sales and future ski designs -- but it's the ski manufacturers who are unveiling inspired, technologically exciting skis that have created a “perfect storm.”

At the heart of that storm, Movement's Jam is approachably affordable and narrow in the waist, while sufficiently broad in the tips and tails to appeal to the fat ski afficianado.

“The Jam is unique in that it's nimble enough for the tight trees, fat enough for the back bowls, and aggressive enough to take big lines at full speed,” said Jonathan Degenhardt, brand manager for Movement Skis. “No ski is capable of doing everything, but the Jam comes super close.”

Powerful and dynamic, the Jam (MSRP: $779, MAP $639) was designed specifically for aggressive all-mountain performance and high-speed stability. The Jam's significant sidecut (136-85-117mm) and firm flex deliver more power than a frontcountry carver, more soft-snow enjoyment than a traditional mid-fat, and far more versatility than a fat ski.

Available in lengths of 164, 173 and 182cm, the Movement Jam features pure wood ski core construction, certified sustainable by FSC and PEFC organizations.

The Jam's core of Okume Poplar and Power Rail Beech composite is molded individually in a double press. The wet process used by Movement consistently results in the most solid, stable and durable skis, which maintain their resilience far longer than other constructions. Before the final finishing step, every ski is checked individually on a precise marble surface to be paired.

The Jam's base and nose are supported by a VATECH system of vibration-dampening rubber inserted under the binding for better edge grip and a smoother ride. This rubber layer smoothes the ride and dampens vibration typically found in other wide-profile skis.

The Jam also features high molecular weight base for exceptional speed and performance; extra-thick mounting plates and rubber reinforced edges for extreme durability; exclusive high energy laminates and Dynamic Tri-Axial fibers for customized performance; and unique shock absorption technologies for a smooth and perfect ride, every time.

ABOUT MOVEMENT SKIS: Headquartered in Boulder, Colo., Movement North America is the exclusive distributor for Movement Skis of Switzerland. Specializing in high energy, high enjoyment designs, Movement is known worldwide for innovative manufacturing techniques and sustainable pure wood core construction. Their dynamic and distinctive ski designs include Freeride, Women's Freeride, Adventure and Freestyle categories. For more information on Movement and their diverse collection of performance designs, please visit or contact