McNett Family of Brands Featured in New Video

McNett® and its family of brands (Gear Aid™, Outgo™, M Essentials™ and Aquamira®) are pleased to announce a new branded video titled, “We Are McNett.”

Bellingham, WA (March 12, 2012) -- For over three decades McNett® and its family of brands, Gear Aid™, Outgo™, M Essentials™, Aquamira® and Camo Form®, have provided the finest specialty products for the dive, outdoor, sporting goods and military markets. A new video titled, “We Are McNett,” tells the story of a company whose 30-year history has been dedicated to helping people experience the outdoors.

“Whether at work or play, McNett makes products that keep you comfortable and safe outside,” said David Wiggs, marketing vice president. “McNett's breadth of products and educational content help you get the most from your gear and your adventures outdoors.”

The new video, produced by Hand Crank Films, serves as an introduction to McNett's vast library of repair and maintenance content, while highlighting the company's key brands: M Essentials, the water sports gear repair line; Gear Aid, superior repair and maintenance products for outdoor gear repair and care; Outgo, efficient personal care products; and Aquamira, personal water treatment for recreation.

“Often a customer who's had a great experience with Seam Grip® may not realize we're also the folks who bring you hundreds of other products, like Aquamira,” said Wiggs. “This video is the first in a series, which will help our customers gain a better understanding of our company's purpose: getting people outside.”

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About McNett
McNett is a 30-year leader in gear repair and maintenance, water treatment and efficient personal care products for all types of outdoor pursuits. The company's products are known worldwide by consumers and original equipment manufacturers. McNett brands are available in over 70 countries and include: Outgo, Gear Aid, M Essentials, Aquamira and Camo Form. For more information see our website at

David Wiggs
Marketing VP