Marker's New Jester Pro Makes Its Debut

The Newest Addition to the “Royal Family” of High Performance Freeskiing Bindings

LEBANON, NH. - Marker continues to build upon the success of its Royal Family of bindings with the introduction of the Jester Pro, a new freeskiing binding designed for the needs of top level riders.

In addition to the superior power transmission of Marker's signature Power Width design, the Jester Pro boasts compelling new features including the new horizontal toe piece torsion bar, which transfers the skier's energy to achieve maximum power, control and stability.

Further, the Jester Pro's Anti-Friction Device (AFD) - the area on the binding on which the front of the boot sole rests -remains fixed, allowing for heightened lateral precision and retention. The result is the ultimate binding for the competitive freeskier.

Marker-Völkl athletes had the opportunity to ski the Jester Pro this season and it will be available at retail this for the upcoming 2011-2012 season.

“The Jester Pro is exactly what the professional freeskiing community has been waiting for. This binding has the weight and specifications that meet the needs of skiers on supremely challenging and diverse mountain terrain. This binding can handle it all,” said Dash Longe, a Marker-Völkl athlete and one of the world's most talented freeskiiers. “The last thing I ever want to worry about is losing a ski. With the Jester Pro, I don't.”

The Jester Pro has also proven itself on the competition circuit, with impressive results indeed:

• Russ Henshaw, Silver Medal – X Games Slopestyle, January 29, 2011.
• JF Houle, Gold Medal – Euro X Games, March 17, 2011.
• Nick Goepper, Winner – Dumont Cup, March 26, 2011.

“The Jester Pro raises the bar yet again in meeting and exceeding the needs of freeskiers who require the best technology available,” said Chris Adams, Director of Promotions for Marker-Völkl. “These athletes push their equipment to the limit and the Jester Pro is designed specifically to meet those unusually high standards.”

Marker is the world leader in performance driven bindings for skiers of all abilities: from the World Cup racer to the family weekend enthusiast. Dominating the market with innovation and design, Marker leads the way with products for all segments of skiing for men, women, and junior skiers alike. To learn more, please visit



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