Lowe Alpine Returns to Colorado

The Lowe Alpine brand reconnects with its roots by moving U.S. Headquarters to Louisville, Colorado

Louisville, CO (July 29, 2011) - Equip Outdoor Technologies, the new owners of Lowe Alpine, are proud to announce that the U.S. headquarters of the brand will be moved to the Front Range of Colorado, where the brand was founded in 1967. The move will combine the brand's customer service, distribution and marketing with those of Rab and Integral Designs.

In a deal finalized on July 8th, Equip Outdoor Technologies, the parent company of technical mountain brands Rab and Integral Designs, added Lowe Alpine to its portfolio. While the brand's global headquarters and product design facilities will be located in Kendal, United Kingdom, the existing Rab USA distribution center in Louisville, CO will take over all Lowe Alpine sales office functions that were formerly handled by the Asolo North America Inc. office in Lebanon, NH.

The Rab USA distribution center in Louisville currently manages warehousing and dispatch, customer service, and marketing for the Rab and Integral Designs brands and is excited to add Lowe Alpine to the mix. Marketing and media relations functions will be shifted to the Louisville office as of August 1st, the remaining elements will be fully transitioned by November 1st.

“While Lowe Alpine has over the years become respected as a global brand, we are very aware of the deep roots that the brand has in the outdoor community here in Colorado. We are thrilled to bring Lowe Alpine back to its roots and help reconnect it to the heritage that it was built on.” says Matt Gowar, CEO of Equip, adding “Here in the US, our aim is to give Lowe Alpine the support that it needs to again reach the level of success that we believe it is capable of.”

While the transition back to Colorado will reconnect the brand to its roots, the move should have no major affect on retailers who carry the Lowe Alpine brand. The existing Lowe Alpine sales representatives will continue to work with the brand and will work parallel to the Rab and Integral Designs sales teams. Retailers can expect the timely deliveries and high quality support that Equip brands have a reputation for.

About Lowe Alpine
Lowe Alpine was born in 1967 in the Colorado work shed of climber Greg Lowe. Since that time, Lowe Alpine has become a global brand with a reputation for innovative and high quality products. Since its conception, Lowe Alpine has helped lead climbers to all points of the earth comfortably and reliably. For more on Lowe Alpine, visit www.lowealpine.com.

About Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd.
Equip Outdoor Technologies Ltd. specializes in the design and marketing of technical outdoor equipment. Its experienced and enthusiastic team develops innovative designs, manufactured to the highest standards, and brings them to market throughout the world. For more information, visit www.equipuk.com.
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