Leisure Trends Group Retail Sales Tracking Experiencing Explosive Growth in Users and Retailer Participation

Individuals using the Leisure Trends' RetailTRAK™ system increase 380% over the last 12 months while panel of reporting retailers grows by 12%.
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Boulder, CO --  Leisure Trends Group announced figures for its industry-leading retail sales tracking services which reveal explosive growth in both the use of its services and the number of retailers participating on its reporting panel.

From April 2009 to April 2010, Leisure Trends reported an increase of 380% in unique users accessing its retail sales tracking data including topline product category and class sales, brand and model share data, margins and inventory. Greater than three-fold increases in hours spent in the system, number of sessions and links accessed all reinforce this increased usage.

Leisure Trends attributes this growth to numerous factors including an increase in its client base, a new online reporting platform and open access to topline sales numbers made possible by SnowSports Industries America (SIA). "We're thrilled that people are reacting so positively to our data," said Julia Clark Day, Vice President Sales and Marketing for Leisure Trends. "We follow rigorous procedures to ensure the accuracy of our data and both manufacturers and retailers are responding to the value it provides with increased usage and referrals. We have also had great success with TRAKView™, our new, easy to use online reporting platform that was introduced in December. Finally, through the generous sponsorship of SnowSports Industries America we have been able to offer free topline access throughout 2010. Our user base grew strongly throughout 2009 and that trend is now accelerating with the access made possible by SIA."

On the retailer front, Leisure Trends reported a 12% increase over the past year in the number of specialty store doors that report data as part of its retailer panel. "We are continually adding new retailers to our panel," said Greg Shoenfeld, Leisure Trends Group's Retail Relations Manager, "As our user base grows, more and more retailers are hearing how our data help others manage their business and are signing up. The SIA sponsored topline is helping drive that, but so too is the word-of-mouth referral by existing users."


About Leisure Trends Group RetailTRAK™ - Leisure Trends' RetailTRAK™ (a monthly (POS) retail sales tracking & trend spotting service) provides insight into the strengths and weaknesses of brands and helps companies spot opportunities in the competitive marketplace. LTG tracks the following industries at retail: outdoor, running, snowsport (ski/snowboard), cycling, paddle sports (canoe and kayak), athletic apparel, performance outerwear and scuba dive. RetailTRAK™ covers equipment, equipment accessories, apparel, footwear and apparel accessories. Understanding retail sales trends is essential to market share growth. Our reports tell you which categories, brands and styles are expanding, which are sitting still and which are shrinking. Reports are published monthly and include brands, styles, price points, dollars sold, units sold, market share, margins, turn and inventory. 

About Leisure Trends Group - LTG is the leading provider of consumer research, retail market intelligence (retail sales tracking) and integrated CRM/Direct Marketing services for the sports, recreation, hospitality, travel and entertainment industries. Suppliers, retailers, associations, resorts and financial analysts rely on Leisure Trends Group for actionable consumer insights, accurate retail sales data that includes margins and inventory, and innovative targeted marketing solutions. Leisure Trends Group is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado. For more information, contact Julia Clark Day, jday@leisuretrends.com , 303-786-7900 x107 or visit www.leisuretrends.com.