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KOR’s New Aura® Puts Water on Pedestal

The new KOR Aura® Hydration Vessel is a simple and sleek reusable bottle that puts the spotlight on water.

The new KOR Aura® Hydration Vessel is a simple, and sleek reusable bottle that puts the spotlight on water. Aura features a tapered, “obelisk” profile and delivers incredible ergonomics with KOR's patent-pending “Perfect Spout™” and hallmark spoiler handle. Made from BPA-free Eastman Tritan®, the Aura marks the fourth salvo in KOR's design-centric hydration line.

“We love a challenge,” says KOR Water CEO and Co-Founder, J. Eric Barnes. “While our KOR ONE and KOR Delta sought to deliver sophisticated features in a high-end vessel, we wanted to bring understated elegance to a mid-priced reusable bottle that didn't look so utilitarian. The Aura has an illuminating personality with simple elegance.”

As the leader in the nascent category of “sustainable hydration”, Aura continues KOR's innovation by melding great form, function and fable in a reusable bottle that challenges the convention of bottled water and promotes a reusable lifestyle that does not require personal sacrifice. KOR calls this product concept “Better Me, Better World”.

The Aura stands to appeal to every age and gender. Its' two-toned cap of the Aura provides a comfortable carrying handle while serving to completely protect the bottle's spout from outside germs and dirt - a feature found on every KOR vessel. KOR also incorporated its' Perfect Spoutâ„¢, a thread-less spout with thickened, rounded edges that provide an unparalleled drinking experience. The Aura is available in two sizes, 750mL ($14.95) and 500mL ($10.95) and four colors (Ice Blue, Birch Grey, Sawgrass Green and Orchid Pink).

KOR once again partnered with its strategic design partner RKS to bring the KOR Aura to market. “Our close relationship with RKS has allowed both teams to uncover latent opportunities in personal hydration as we wake up to a post-bottled-water world,” says KOR Co-Founder and President Paul Shustak. “Bottled water sales have peaked, and we see the start of an entirely new sustainable hydration category….and it's big!" Ravi Sawhney, CEO of RKS, states: "The Aura leveraged our insights, knowledge and sustained passion to make the KOR advantages very affordable for global consumers."

The Aura, like all KOR Water products, is part of KOR's highly praised Thirst for Givingâ„¢ program, which donates 1% of sales to water related charities and raises awareness for ocean protection, container recycling, watershed protection, and the global water crisis.

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