Kokatat supports upcoming Mississippi source-to-sea attempt

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 Kayaker will attempt a 40-day paddle on “The Big Muddy”

June 6, 2017

ARCATA, California – Kayaker Michael Waterford will set out this month to become the fastest person to solo-paddle the entire 2,552 miles of Mississippi River, and Kokatat’s award-winning paddling gear will be along with for the record attempt.

Waterford, who previously kayaked the Mississippi in 2013, will try to break the current 42-day record. He will attempt to complete the paddle in 40 days, starting June 15 in Minnesota’s spring melt waters and concluding in the hot Mississippi River delta in late July. Throughout the expedition, Waterford’s team will be raising awareness of our nations land trusts and watershed conservancies.

Chief among the Kokatat gear Waterford plans to use on his paddle is the GORE-TEX® Radius Drysuit with Switchzip Technology. He’ll also rely on the Poseidon PFD and the Tropos Light Storm Cag. Press contact for Waterford is Info@TheMountainFolk.com. More information on his upcoming trip is available at www.RaceToTheGulf.com

To learn more about other expeditions that rely on Kokatat gear visit www.kokatat.com/expeditions.

About Kokatat Inc.: Kokatat has been manufacturing paddling gear in Arcata, California, for over 45 years. At a time when many technical apparel brands were moving manufacturing offshore, Kokatat continued to invest in infrastructure in the United States. Kokatat founder Steve O’Meara was committed to the development of the finest and driest paddling apparel in the world and recognized the need to control and continually evolve the development of our dry wear. In the early days, Kokatat worked closely with W.L. Gore & Associates, makers of GORE-TEX®, to refine the sewing and sealing techniques required for full immersion suits and tops. Today, Kokatat’s hands-on approach to manufacturing continues to set the standard in paddling apparel. Into the water with Kokatat! Learn more at www.kokatat.com


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