KAVU athlete Nick Greece has a high flying summer season


KAVU athlete Nick Greece has a high flying summer season

Seattle, WA (FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) – KAVU athlete Nick Greece kicked off his summer with a win at the US National Paragliding Championships and set a national record for the longest flight in the United States by an American.

After winning the first task at the 2014 US Paragliding National Championships, Greece never relinquished the lead finishing in the top five in all the tasks held daily July 6-12, in Chelan WA. While Greece lead wire to wire, the competition was tight. Going into the last day he had a forty-seven-point lead over Josh Cohn, who beat Greece to the line, but was unable to close the gap. As the national champion Greece secured a spot on the US Team and will compete in the 2015 FAI Paragliding World Championships in Roldanillo, Colombia.

“It was one of the best contests in US racing history,” said Greece. “With seven consecutive days of racing and the longest task in the history of paragliding racing world wide, it was an honor to race with some of the best pilots in the world in one of the best locations for racing paragliders.”

Leading up to the National Championships, Greece joined a group of the world’s best paragliding pilots and spent a week in Texas to complete the first Ozone World Record Encampment (www.flyozone.com). Greece and the other pilots made the most of the favorable conditions they had for three of the days, logging six 400+ kilometer flights and cumulatively logging over 4500 kilometers via tow launches.

While the team came up short of setting a world record flight, Greece completed the longest flight of his career traveling 260 miles. In 2012, Greece set the U.S. foot launch record traveling 204 miles from his home in Jackson Hole, WY. The current foot-launch record stands at 240 miles set last summer by Gavin McClurg.

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