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Kaenon Debuts New Color Treatments For 2017 Holiday Season

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Hand Painted Frames Fuse Contemporary Colorways with Clearest Optical Performance and Best in Class Fit



Merging fashion-forward appeal with superior polarized performance, greater optical acuity, and the ultimate no-slip fit, Kaenon proudly debuts several eye-catching new colorways for the 2017 holiday season. Each hand painted in Italy and the result of a multi-step finishing process, every model in the 2017 collection is original and unique to the wearer.

Fluid like water cascading over a steep vertical drop, Waterfall is exactly that: smooth and flowing. Evoking the gravitational flow of water over the earth’s bedrock, Waterfall is characterized by rich dark brown brow and streaming blue and clear accents that pool at the bottom of the frame. Crisp and elegant, Waterfall is available in Lina, Calafia and Strand.

If color was a flavor, Cayenne is hot enough to burn but sweet enough to leave you wanting. Striking yet conspicuous, Cayenne is capable of elevating temperature and transforming personalities with its translucent red hue that delivers an entirely new look and appeal to Kaenon’s 2017 assortment. Available in: Strand, Cali, and Palisades

Life is abundant in the deep blue sea and Deep Ocean recalls a never-ending bounty of ocean opportunities and endless days under the sun. With distinctive wisps of dark blue harmonized with contrasts of turquoise, Deep Ocean delivers big fish boldness with small pond subtleties. Available in Strand, Leadbetter and Burnet

New Matte Tortoise with Pacific Blue Mirrored lens delivers a strong contrast between the intense blue lens and the creamy tortoise-shell frame that generates a divergence reminiscent of the land and the ocean. The smooth understated styling of the matte finish paired with the classic rich textured tortoise-shell puts a modern twist on a classic frame style. Available in Clarke, Cowell, Anacapa, and Mather.


Built with Kaenon’s proprietary SR-91® polarized lens technology, the new Pacific Blue and Coastal Green Mirror lenses offer 100% broad spectrum UV protection and deliver the superior optical quality of the finest glass with the strength and impact resistance of polycarbonate.

Incredibly lightweight, durable and scratch-resistant, the Pacific Blue and Coastal Green Mirror lenses have been specifically formulated to offer superior contrast, enhanced color definition, and unmatched clarity. Kaenon’s proven polarization allows the angler to see beyond the surface of the water for enhanced depth perception and improved casting.


Providing the most comfortable, no-slip fit in the marketplace, Kaenon’s premium injection-molded TR-90 nylon frame is extremely tough and lightweight. Flexible yet durable, the advanced material has memory retention and will not warp or stretch, guaranteeing a life-long consistent fit. Hypoallergneic Variflex™ rubber nose pads prevent sunglasses from slipping thanks to the extra grippy rubber inlays that anchor firmly to your face, even during high seas and fast moving water.


Complimented by purpose-built lens tints, Kaenon lenses are offered in various levels of color contrast from neutral to extreme, and are designed specifically to meet the demands of the user and the environment. Kaenon’s own select lens tints – Grey, Copper, Brown or Yellow – combine with each Light Transmission Level to optically enhance, tune and improve visibility in any weather condition, activity or time of day.


Kaenon emerged in 2001 from an intense passion and a clear desire to never compromise. Determined to create something better, they developed the proprietary polarized SR-91® lens — the world’s first non-compromising polarized lens. Wrapped in unique, California-designed frame styles built for comfort and performance, along with distinct colorways and hand-painted treatments unique to Italian craftsmen, Kaenon sunglasses became more than a reality, they raised the standard in performance eyewear. For more information visit www.kaenon.com