Kaenon Introduces 2016 Holiday Colorways


Designed with purpose in California and hand-painted in Italy, Kaenon® proudly announces the arrival of the newest additions to its 2016 collection, with a heap of new on-trend silhouettes and colorways in some of the company’s most popular models.

Characterized by their rich textures and raw tones – these new latest styles blend the delicate shades of the natural environment with runway-inspired fashion to truly embody the spirit and soul that defines Kaenon. Perfected in Italy, the one-of-a-kind handmade colorways means that no two sunglasses will be exactly like the other; uniquely crafted and totally unexpected in a sunglass so lightweight, comfortable, and ready for action.

Perfectly suited for those who demand contemporary style, performance and comfort, every model features Kaenon’s proprietary SR-91® lens material, with purpose-built lens tints and re-engineered polarizing elements, offering the optical acuity of the finest glass lenses with unprecedented impact resistance 

Some of the newest, hottest colors include:



When the tide goes out, translucent pools of deep Adriatic blue, aqua and opaque cornerstones of umber are all that remain, creating the foundation of our new TIDEPOOL colorway. The TR-90
frame, designed in Southern California and hand-painted in Italy, reflects this calming blend of colors, reminiscent of collecting shells and dodging splashing waves. TIDEPOOL is available in the new CALI, a functional-fashion driven style.



Only available in the popular women’s CALI style, the hand painted AMBER CRYSTAL colorway blends the delicate geometric shapes and golden colors of honeycomb with darker robust shades of chocolate brown, creating an edgy and sophisticated look. A flair of femininity presented with a sharpness and acuity that will leave a trail of admirers in your wake.



Calling to mind the importance of daily rituals, SMOKE mysteriously meets the Montecito with multiple densities of color scrambling across its crystal frame. Emitting a sense of sudden warmth, SMOKE billows coolness and confidence with a truly unique hand-crafted, color-dispersion technique.



Brushstrokes, watercolors, tangled seaweed, and water stained drift wood culminate to define the texture of the SEPIA colorway. The color doesn’t get its name from the Instagram filter, but rather from the ink of the Sepia Cuttlefish. SEPIA has transparency and strewn pockets of saturated color for a rugged & romantic look that makes us want to curl up in the sand dunes with a good book, sleep under the stars, and rally the topless jeep over water boarded dirt roads. SEPIA is exclusive to the elegant and polished women’s style the PALISADES. 



An ode to long walks on the beach with your toes in the sand, BLACK SAND is characterized by its richly textured colorway that is a heavy, glossy, partly magnetic mixture black, brown, gold, and white. With hints of fine sand grains, the hand painted BLACK SAND adds unique color display to the Palisades, highlighting Kaenon’s ability to create amazing color in an injected frame.



Inspiration for the COLA colorway comes from watching the rich, translucent carmel colored fizz wane to crystal clear in a signature blueish tint glass bottle. And while polishing off an ice cold cola takes just a minute, hand painting the COLA color takes twenty minutes to complete its multiple step process. COLA comes in the retro-inspired, yet sleek and simplistic CLARKE frame.



A flowing pattern with hidden streaks of blue, BLACKWASH is a transparent seafoam, brushed with Matte Black that evokes the scene of waves crashing under a black sky. Bold and dark with accents of blue, the Burnet Series now has dual personalities with BLACKWASH, delivering a strong and masculine presence yet with soft subtleties.



Kaenon’s new FUCHSIA color blends hand-painted shades of translucent nectar with rich rose tones. Inspired by bold layers of pink and blush of Santa Monica sunsets, FUCHSIA available in the GEORGIA frame is equally at home on the beach in California, as it is in the urban zones of any city.

Media Contact

Erin Wyer / Denny, ink. 

307.200.6001 / erin@dennyink.com



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