Jetboil Cites Leadership in Discontinuing Prosecution of Lawsuit

Jetboil President Perry Dowst releases a statement about the decision to discontinue prosecution of its suit against Primus and Brunton for patent infringement.

Responding to public comments and media reports concerning Jetboil, Incorporated's recent decision to discontinue prosecution of its suit in Delaware court against Primus and Brunton for patent infringement, Jetboil President and CEO Perry Dowst said, “While this decision in no way reflects a change in our opinion regarding the validity of this suit, nor did it represent either implied or in fact an opinion of the court, in this case we have concluded that the costs in bringing the legal matter to a judgment would be better committed toward Jetboil's continuing innovation and category leadership in providing outdoor enthusiasts with products and ground breaking technology that enable and enhance their experiences. We believe our decision in this case benefits the industry and our end users.”

Dowst also said, “Jetboil is continuing prosecution and infringement actions globally in separate cases involving its global patents and intellectual property, and will continue to protect and uphold its intellectual
property where it deems appropriate and necessary.”

Since its inception in 2004, Jetboil's category leading cooking systems have won numerous awards both inside and outside the outdoor industry. Its patented FluxRing® technology, at the heart of Jetboil cooking systems, defines efficiency, safety and ease of use and its introduction has redefined the outdoor cooking category. The Jetboil team is committed to simplifying and personalizing outdoor cooking and fueling a world of exploration. Jetboil is the trusted and indispensable companion of those who push the limits of their endurance, and the boundaries of their experience.