Jeff Lowe's Most Influential Gear of All Time

Lowe brothers credited with 4 contributions to the Most Influential Gear of All Time by Outside Magazine. Jeff Lowe at Outdoor Retailer Booth # A-107 with the gear and Jeff Lowe's Metanoia, the documetary film

Right up there with the Apple ipod, the nalgene water bottle, advil and dupont nylon, Jeff Lowe designed the Tuber, the first tubular belay device, for his company Latok Mountain Gear, in the early 1980's. Now heralded as one of the 100 most important outdoor inventions ever, by Outside Magazine, Jeff also designed the first softshell -the Latok Diamond Pullover, that also made the prestigious list.

Another Lowe invention on the 100 best ever, Jeff's brother Greg created the Lowe Alpine Systems Expedition Internal Frame Pack in 1967 so that he and his cousin George (not his uncle) and brother Mike Lowe along with Wyoming climber Rick Horn, could make their way up the North Face of Grand Teton in winter, carrying heavy loads more easily. 

The Hummingbird Modular Ice Axe also made the greatest 100 list - a joint effort between Greg and Mike Lowe, also for Lowe Alpine Systems.

Jeff, Greg and Mike Lowe made major contributions to the Outdoor Industry for decades through their gear innovations and companies Lowe Alpine Systems, Lowe Pro, Latok Mountain Gear, Sport Climbing Championships and more. The Lowe brothers can't help being creative and are still at it today, each in their own way. Spend a few minutes with any one of them and they will show you how you can improve almost anything or solve a problem with a new device they think up on the spot.

Four gear innovations out of the 100 best of all time is quite an honor for the Lowe boys.

As the Honorary Brand President of Lowe Alpine, Jeff Lowe is greatly inspired by the passion and experience of the new Lowe Alpine Team. Jeff will be at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market and will be dropping in at the Lowe Alpine Booth. 

You can stop by to see Jeff Lowe and some of the old gear along with the Metanoia Team at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market at The Jeff Lowe Mountain Foundation booth # A-107 where sponsorships are available for Jeff Lowe's Metanoia, the documentary film about the life and climbs of Jeff Lowe, narrated by Jon Krakauer. Help complete the film, now in post production, by joining the Metanoia Team with an OR Show Sponsorship Special for no cost at all - details available at booth A-107 or by contacting Connie Self at 208.630.4477 or visit us at for more information.

Click on these links to see some of the best outdoor gear of all time - the Lowe Alpine Expedition Pack, the Lowe Alpine Hummingbird Ice Axe, the Latok Tuber and the Latok Diamond Pullover,