Jackson Kayak's New Cuda Fishing Boat Craves Open Water

On the first anniversary of debut of its smash hit kayak fishing boat, Jackson Kayak introduces the Coosa’s open water cousin, the Cuda.

On the first anniversary of debut of its smash hit kayak fishing boat, Jackson Kayak introduces the Coosa's open water cousin, the Cuda.

Among the rave reviews of the Coosa, was a din of customer demand for a boat that could handle open water more adeptly than the river-focused Coosa. So the same design team that produced the Coosa, put their heads together to dream up the Cuda.

“Sometimes it's good to mess with success,” said Jackson Kayak founder and president. Eric Jackson. “The river-loving Coosa and open water magnet, Cuda share a design DNA aimed at being best in class no matter what type of water you like to fish.

Those familiar with the Coosa will also recognize the Cudas paddle stagers and holders, as well as the popular removable skid plate, large bow and stern hatches and a new and improved beverage holder. Of course the two main features that make the Cuda a must have are the high/low seat and the stand up paddling abilities.

Among the most creative and new innovative features of the Cuda is a 26-inch center hatch that can accept an insert to make it dry storage or a fish cooler big enough to fit a beautiful slot redfish! Other new features include rod tip covers, side and rear vertical tackle stagers, pockets for gear storage on the Elite Hi/Lo Seat, fly rod stagers, safety flag and a stand-assist handle.

Pro angler Drew Gregory is clearly fired up about the new Cuda that he helped design. "It's rare to find a boat that has this speed, stability, comfort and options to fit so many styles of fishing,” said Cuda co-designer Drew Gregory. “Whether anglers fish inshore, offshore, lakes or flat water rivers, with fly rods or stout big game tackle, there are built in options available on the Cuda for all!"

The Cuda measures 14.3 ft in length, is 29.75 inches wide, weighs 74 pounds and still sports an ample 22-inch wide standing platform, all of which can handle up to 400 pounds of fish and fisherman.

Available in eight colors including Urban, Forest and Lowland camo, the Cuda retails for $1199 or $1399 with rudder. For complete product specifications on the Cuda and all of Jackson Kayak's products visit the Jackson Kayak website, http://www.jacksonkayak.com/jk-kayaks/kayak-fishing/cuda/

Founded in 2003, family owned and operated Jackson Kayak is passionate about paddlesports and committed to helping boaters of all ages, size and skill excel. The global leader in whitewater boats, Jackson Kayak also proudly designs and produces rec/touring and fishing kayaks from its manufacturing facility in Tennessee.


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