How Can Small/Midsize Manufacturers Benefit From Third Party Logistics

Closing the Gap Between Smaller and Larger Manufacturers

Logistics can make or break your product availability, as well as service and cost, and retailer/consumer satisfaction. And thus, profitability.  There comes a time when outsourcing the warehousing, distribution and fulfillment to an expert third Party Logistics provider (3PL) can create greater efficiency and cut costs, allowing small and midsize businesses to focus on core competencies like product design, marketing and manufacturing, which enables competition on a larger scale.

High-quality 3PLs like ITS Logistics can help provide a single source for the technology, resources and logistics expertise needed to successfully expand into new markets and compete with larger companies.

Most large companies have the resources to meet those challenges, but these obstacles can be intimidating – and limiting – for smaller businesses. However, with proper technology and a reliable and 3PL with expertise in your industry, growth opportunities are within reach. Even when economies cool down, companies look to 3PLs to help slash inventory.

Third-party logistics providers like ITS are able to simplify your life by automating and simplifying the process of getting product to market. They also handle seasonal product changes, replenishment, retail chain compliance, shipping consolidation for inbound and outbound shipments, even warranty – some of the same tools and services the large companies use.

Regardless of where your customers are located, providing them with order and shipping information is a must. Again, technology is the key. With the proper tech-based visibility solutions, you'll have instant access to inventory levels, order status and shipping information. You can also supply information to customers proactively, reducing "where is my order?" calls, and minimizing out of stock scenarios, as well as aiding forecasting.

Smaller 3PL players with industry expertise cater to market sub-segments that the larger logistics players do not or cannot excel at. ITS specializes in the Outdoor, Cycling and Athletic industries, passing on their knowledge and experience for your benefit.


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Based in Reno, NV, ITS Logistics is a warehousing, distribution and fulfillment company that helps companies distribute goods nationally and globally with superior performance. Please visit http://www.thesportsrunner.comfor more information or a free consultation.


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