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High Performance Countervail® - Exclusively from Wagner Custom

Wagner Custom announces the exclusive availability of Countervail® in its custom-built skis and snowboards. A Countervail® ski can offer a smooth, stable ride, without the fatigue or delamination problems common with metal skis.

Wagner Custom announces the exclusive availability of the exotic Countervail® structural fiber blend as an option in its custom-built skis and snowboards.

The patented material, available for use in skis and snowboards only from Wagner Custom, is a structural fiber used to supplement fiberglass. It provides the smooth ride and stability of an aluminum or Titanal structure without the weight. In fact, Countervail® has the lightweight characteristics of carbon fiber.

Countervail®, developed to forestall flutter in the carbon-fiber control surfaces of supersonic aircraft, consists of a thin viscoelastic polymer cloth, with fine strands of carbon fiber woven along its length in a sinusoidal or serpentine pattern. Because the stiff carbon creates a two-dimensional pattern, it provides strength in both flex and torsional axes. The harsh reactive stiffness of the carbon is moderated by the viscoelastic fibers. The result: it’s a light, strong, whippy but self-damping structural layer. To get the same flex and vibration characteristics you’d need a heavier layer of aluminum backed up with a neoprene damping layer, or an even thicker sheet of very hard pre-preg fiberglass.

Countervail®, in short, gives you the speed and buttery smoothness of an aluminum or titanal ski, at considerably lighter weight and – this is critical – without the fatigue, bending or delamination problems common with metal skis.

Countervail® can broaden the performance envelope of many skis, making specialized skis more versatile. For instance, it can make a shaped ski considerably lighter at the tip and tail, reducing swing weight for agile performance in bumps. It can stabilize a very light ski for fast smooth tracking on ice or in broken crud and crust.

 A Countervail® ski can, in short, offer the smooth, stable ride and glide speed of a top-quality metal ski, without the weight and durability penalties. So you can take your Countervail® skis anywhere on the mountain with absolute confidence: high speed cruising on groomers, stable round turns in the back bowls, and short smooth predictable turns in bumps.

 Everyone has to ski bumps at some point in the day. Avoid them as long as you can: late in the day, coming down the high-traffic trails back to the village, you’re going to encounter bumps, just when you’re running out of steam. Your Countervail® skis, that tracked so reliably in the bowls and woods, and carved beautifully on the groomers, are so light and agile that they slip effortlessly through that last mogully challenge.

Countervail® is magic stuff. It’s also fabulously expensive. While major factories have used it in a few pair of one-off skis and snowboards, tested by some of the world's best racers and snowboarders, it is too pricey to put in a mass-produced ski or snowboardIt’s affordable only if you’re making one pair of skis at a time. That’s why only Wagner Custom offers it. If you want Countervail®, see Wagner Custom.