Heartline Unveils New Power Series Rack Systems

Heartline Delivers New Power Series of Multi-Functional Power Rack Systems To The High School Market.
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Heartline Delivers New Power Series of Multi-Functional Power Rack Systems To The High School Market

Gaithersburg, MD, November 9, 2009 – Heartline has been designing and manufacturing high performance powerlifting and free weight equipment for the education and professional markets for 25 years. In response to a difficult economy and tightening state budgets, Heartline has introduced a new line of streamlined multi-functional power rack systems. The company's new Power Series provides a nice complement to the firm's Performance Series of racks and auxiliary training systems.
302pws – Dual CoreRack Training System With Olympic Platforms
“It's simply what's demanded by our U.S. customers and dealers, and is being dictated by the U.S. economy, says Bob Burgess, president of Heartline. In a nutshell, we're providing our customers the same base Performance Series, simply without the heavy gauge steel construction, advanced training features, and customization options. Nevertheless, the Power Series racks still retain Heartline's traditional 3”x3” square tubing, and are able to train multiple student/athletes in one system, in all core lifts. A fact that has remained Heartline's design staple for the past twelve years since designing the first combination rack system in 1997.
The Power Series contains three base rack systems—CoreRack ™, Core HalfRack, and Dual CoreRack™. In addition, each system has the option to add one and in the case of the Dual CoreRack ™ two Olympic platform systems. All Power Series racks carry the following standard features—dual Olympic plate storage racks, dual chin-up systems, Olympic bar storage, Heartline's new patent pending Hook-Lok ™ J-hooks and safety squats arms, and stringer braces. “Retaining the Performance Series's stringer braces was critical in maintaining the Power Series's safety and integrity,” says Jason Malecki, Heartline southeast region sales manager. The stringer brace allows Heartline's Flex Bench to lock into the rack to safely perform all benching movements.
Heartline's new Power Series of racks will start at $1,499 MSRP, and ramp up to $5,999 MSRP for the company's 302pws Dual CoreRack with Olympic platforms. Heartline also plans to introduce a matching line of Power Series Olympic benches in early 2010.
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