GRAYL® and Passport Health Partner to Promote Water Safety and to Displace Single-Use Plastic Bottles

Starting this month, Passport Health will offer GRAYL’s water purifier bottles in more than 50 locations as part of their comprehensive line of essential safety and health products for international travelers.
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Seattle, WA (August 26, 2019) Seattle-based GRAYL, maker of innovative water purifiers purpose-built for global travel, knows that while it can take years to plan the ultimate international adventure, it only takes one sip of contaminated water to flush the rest of your trip down the toilet. In an effort to promote safe water during travel while also reducing travelers’ dependency on single-use bottles, which are harmful for the environment, GRAYL today announced its partnership with Passport Health, the largest travel clinic network and provider of medical advice and immunizations in the United States.

Starting this month, Passport Health will offer GRAYL’s water purifier bottles in more than 50 locations as part of their comprehensive line of essential safety and health products for international travelers. As waterborne pathogens (viruses, bacteria, and protozoa) affect the drinking water in virtually all developing countries, purification is critical to making water safe to drink. Without GRAYL’s water purification solutions, international travelers often end up relying on single-use plastic water bottles for safe hydration. The GRAYL GEOPRESS™ Purifier features award-winning OnePress™ Global Protection, excelling beyond common straw or gravity filters by not only removing viruses, but also bacteria, protozoa, parasites, pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals and microplastics on all seven continents – ensuring water is safe, clean and tastes great no matter where your travels take you.

“Our goal at Passport Health is to empower safe travel through first-class medical care, immunizations and advice for travelers headed to any global destination,” said David Tedesco, Chairman of Passport Health. “GRAYL purifiers solve one of the largest public health problems: safe drinking water. Through our partnership, we’re able to provide travelers with an efficient and compact solution for reliable water purification and filtration, keeping travelers safe while reducing their reliance on single-use plastics.”

Passport Health provides travel medicine, vaccinations, immunizations, and supplies through its 300 clinic locations across North America. Each travel clinic serves its local community where the public can access travel medicine specialists who have received rigorous training in the fields of travel medicine and immunology. In addition to reaching individuals and families, Passport Health works with government agencies, multinational corporations and more to help them safely enjoy any destination.

“Passport Health and GRAYL are perfectly aligned in our mission to provide products and services that keep our customers safe while traveling internationally,” said Andrew Weber, CEO, GRAYL. “This partnership provides critical virus-level purification to clients traveling to any of the 100+ countries where norovirus and/or rotavirus are prevalent in drinking water.”

Both GRAYL and Passport Health endeavor to help travelers experience their journey and destination in a safe and sustainable way while also seeking to reduce single-use plastic water bottles by the millions within the first year of its partnership. Learn more about GRAYL products on their website,, and stop by your local Passport Health clinic before your next international trip to ensure you travel safely.


Seattle-based GRAYL® makes innovative water purifiers for international travelers and outdoor explorers so their adventures can be safe, self-reliant and awe inspiring. Since 2016, GRAYL purifiers have hydrated more than 150,000 adventures. GRAYL believes the greatest moments of life occur when one travels beyond their comfort zone, takes risks, builds connections with different cultures, and returns a global citizen. GRAYL is distributed world-wide and is a member of 1% for the Planet, contributing a portion of every sale to non-profit organizations that protect and preserve the natural environment.

About Passport Health

Passport Health is the largest provider of travel medicine and immunization services, with over 300 clinics and a dedicated team of highly trained nurses who are travel wellness experts. With more than 25 years of experience, a commitment to first-class medical care, and rigorously trained medical staff, Passport Health sets the immunization industry standard. Passport Health’s core services have grown from travel medicine to include passport and visa services, on-site events, specialty physical exams, routine immunizations, and vaccination record management for the public and private sector. Passport Health is an Outlier company.