Granite Gear Launches Grounds Keepers Team to Clean Up Trails


Two Harbors, MN — January 5, 2017 — Taking a major dose of inspiration from the Packing It Out team, Granite Gear has committed to supporting others who will pack out trash on trails around the country through their newly launched Grounds Keepers team. The team is compiled of 15 individuals who have committed to thru-hiking various long trails in 2017; from the PCT, AT, AZT, PNT, SHT and more.

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 “We’re incredibly proud of what the Packing It Out team accomplished in just two years — over 1700 lbs of trash packed out,” Rob Coughlin, VP of Sales and Marketing said. “With the Grounds Keepers program, we’d like to see even more trails cleaned up and even more hikers inspired to leave the trails better.”


The Grounds Keepers are 15 individuals who have previously completed a thru-hike or various section hikes, have a passion for Leave No Trace ethics, are strong in mind and body, and have committed to doing their very best to pick up as much trash as possible while on the trail.

Grounds Keepers will check in with the Granite Gear team throughout their hikes and provide details on trash picked up and miles hiked, fun photos and other content available. When times get tough, team members will have access to Packing It Out’s Seth “Cap” Orme for any needed advice, quick tips or inspiration to complete their hike.

The first Grounds Keeper to hit the trail is Gretchen “Dirty Bowl” Matt. Gretchen will hit the Florida Trail on January 23rd outfitted in the Granite Gear Grounds Keepers kit, which the brand worked on with Seth Orme. The kit includes the new Crown2 multi-day backpack, 1 Dump Trunk (Tactical Line), 2 16L Air Zippsacks, 1 7L Air Bag, 1 Scale, 1 Trash Grabber.

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Follow the Grounds Keepers at For more information, please contact Shelly Smith at or 828-254-0914.

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