GoLite Makes Measurable Strides Toward Sustainability

GoLite has been committed to social and environmental responsibility since its founding in 1998, and the company has recently made measurable strides on its path toward sustainability.

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January 27, 2009

GoLite Makes Measurable

Strides Toward Sustainability

GoLite has been committed to social and environmental responsibility since its founding in 1998, and the company has recently made measurable strides on its path toward sustainability. These developments include conducting an extensive environmental footprint baseline analysis, adopting the Outdoor Industry Association's (OIA) Sustainable Packaging Guidelines, achieving B-Corporation Certification, and expanding green practices at its corporate headquarters.

GoLite management believes so strongly in the importance of its sustainability efforts that in 2008 the company spent more than 1% of annual revenues on GoLite on the Planet efforts.

Measuring GoLite's Footprint

For the past year, GoLite has been working with Five Winds International (www.fivewinds.com) to complete a comprehensive, third-party environmental footprint analysis in order to establish a baseline of information to drive the company's footprint mitigation plan for the future. This analysis includes major environmental impacts of all of GoLite's operations from supply chain through distribution. “What gets measured gets managed,” said GoLite's Co-Founder and Chief Environmental Officer Kim Coupounas. “We cannot reduce our footprint significantly until we know what our footprint is.”

GoLite's first comprehensive CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) report is expected to be completed in early 2009.

B-Corporation Certification

In December 2008, GoLite was certified as a founding B Corporationâ„¢. B Corporations meet higher standards of social and environmental performance and accountability. The performance standards are comprehensive and transparent and measure a company's impact on its employees, suppliers, community, and the environment.

Unlike traditional corporations, B Corporations are legally required to consider the impact of their long term interests of their employees, suppliers, community, consumers, and environment. There are over 140 Certified B Corporations from over 30 industries, representing $1 billion in collective revenues and $6 billion in capital under management. Other outdoor companies that have received this certification include Indigenous Designs and Dansko.

GoLite applied for B Corporation certification because it believes that businesses need to be a major part of the solution to the planet's environmental woes, and voluntary, independent certifications like B Corporation are a necessary step to help speed capitalism's renovation process. To learn more, visit www.bcorporation.net

Adoption of OIA Sustainable Packaging Guidelines

In November 2008, the company became one of the first outdoor industry companies to formally adopt the OIA Sustainable Packaging Guidelines. Developed through collaboration with retailers, manufacturers, government, waste/recyclables managers and third party consultants, the Outdoor Industry Sustainable Packaging Guidelines help companies reduce raw material usage, identify innovation and solutions to be shared across product categories, assist with designing for end-of-life, and reduce waste impact on the environment. The OIA Eco Working Group consists of over 140 individuals from over 80 companies and organizations collaborating to develop the industry's first environmental assessment tool or "Eco Index." The index contains environmental guidelines, environmental performance metrics and a comparative scoring system. To learn more, visit www.outdoorindustry.org

Green Practices at GoLite Headquarters

GoLite is already engaged in cutting-edge green practices. Most importantly, GoLite products are by nature “greener.” Lighter, simpler products consume less materials and less energy and produce less waste and less carbon. “The concept of ‘dematerialization' is a fundamental principle of sustainability,” states GoLite's Vice President of Product, Andy Burgess. GoLite products are also built to last and offer a life-time warranty. GoLite shares responsibility with its factories for the social and ethical conditions involved in sourcing the products that are manufactured in their name and works in partnership with their suppliers towards the ends of social and environmental responsibility. All of its factories are third-party audited for compliance with its fair labor code of conduct.

GoLite's headquarters is 100% carbon neutral through energy efficiencies and reputable carbon offsets. GoLite utilizes certified Green-e renewable energy, energy efficient lighting, “zero waste” recycling practices, eco-friendly office products, and environmentally-friendly packaging and printing. All GoLite donations are targeted at getting more people outdoors and at environmental and conservation efforts. 1% of all of GoLite's industry pro sales are donated to the Conservation Alliance. And GoLite provides its staff an extra week of paid vacation for environmental volunteerism or field testing and actively encourages alternative forms of transportation. A staff-driven GoLite on the Planet Task Force oversees the company's headquarters environmental practices.

The Path Ahead

Since its founding, GoLite has been dedicated to inspiring people to get outdoors by enhancing their outdoor experience through innovative, lightweight products that “GoLite on the Planet.” The company's long term objective is to eliminate its environmental footprint and to be a net contributor to the health of the planet. GoLite is striving to be a 100% carbon neutral, zero waste company that uses a majority of environmentally preferred materials and zero restricted substances in its products by 2010. The company is aggressively working to take full life-cycle responsibility for its products through use of sustainable inputs, ecologically intelligent design, and innovative recycling/end-of-life processes. “We believe that achieving a net zero footprint is possible,” said Kim Coupounas. ”And we've set that as our long-term goal. We know we're not going to get there overnight, so we've prepared ourselves for the long journey ahead. We are far from having all the answers, but we're making progress - day by day, decision by decision.”

About GoLite

GoLite is the premier producer of lightweight clothing and equipment for active, outdoor sports. Inspired, designed, and tested in Boulder, Colorado, GoLite® products offer uncompromised performance at the lightest possible weight to maximize performance and enjoyment in the outdoors. Environmental stewardship and social responsibility have been fundamental to GoLite's mission and core values since its founding. GoLite is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint – to GoLite on the Planet™ - through innovation, resourcefulness and partnership. For more information on GoLite products, ambassadors, environmental or outreach efforts, visit www.GoLite.com or call 888-5-GoLite.


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