Goal Zero Welcomes Alex Honnold as its Newest Brand Ambassador

Alex Honnold and Goal Zero

Goal Zero, the leader in portable solar power solutions, welcomes record setting free soloist and climber Alex Honnold as its newest brand ambassador.

The name Alex Honnold has become synonymous with epic climbing feats and his most notable ascents include 1,000+ft rock walls with no rope, no harness and no room for error. He lives out of his van, recently outfitted with Goal Zero solar panels, batteries and lights, in search of his next great vertical adventure. And even when he’s out, completely untethered to a wall, Alex’s Guide 10 Plus still keeps him connected to the people who matter most.

“I use my Guide 10 Plus to keep my phone charged up,” says Alex. “I like to stay in touch with my family back in California and when I’m out on the rock all day, it’s easy to forget about charging my phone. With Goal Zero, forgetting isn’t a problem – I can still give my mom a call.”

Goal Zero’s growing list of ambassadors ranges from slackliners to explorers, photographers to rock climbers. The company searches for athletes and individuals with a passion for living life to its fullest with zero apathy, zero boundaries, and zero regrets – making Honnold a perfect addition.

"Solar powering Alex’s life is incredible,” says James Atkin, Director of Community Marketing at Goal Zero. "He climbs insane walls without a rope, and now he powers his gear without cables. He’s a perfect addition to our team and even left is his van with us during his last trip to Europe so we could solarize it.”

So why the interest in solar? In addition to being one of the most recognized climbers in the world today, Alex is also the founder of the Honnold Foundation, an environmental non-profit.

“I am a huge supporter of solar energy because I believe that clean and simple solutions are the best way to address our biggest problems,” says Alex. “Goal Zero offers one of the most simple, elegant solutions to my need to power devices when I'm on an expedition, off the grid. Solar is the future. I am all about doing things as well as possible, and to me that means solar.”

Want to be free like Alex? We can’t bless you with incredible climbing skills, but you can still enjoy the freedom that comes with unlimited, portable power with a Guide 10 Plus. You can learn more about the Guide 10 Plus, follow Alex Honnold’s solar powered life, and see his exclusive Goal Zero video at www.GoalZero.com/GZNation

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