GearLab Unleashes The Akiak Model to the Ocean Kayak Market

Greenland paddles offers modern solution to open water travel
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Taipei, Taiwan, April 25th, 2018 


GEARLAB is an award-winning design company introducing its high performance open water excursion paddles to North America. Having pioneered the first modern Greenland style paddles with exchangeable tips, GEARLAB paddles and accessories use ancient wisdom and modern materials, fusing efficiency and technology like no other design in the world.

This season GEARLAB debuts the Akiak paddle (from the Inuit word for Brave). The Akiak offers a newer sharper edge that improves water slicing efficiency, paddling stability, and water current feedback in comparison with a conventional wooden paddle or Euro blade style. The Akiak 2018 has a redesigned internal carbon fiber structure that offers greater strength and durability in harsh conditions.

With a continuous carbon fiber weave, this paddle offers a best-in-class weight to performance ratio when compared to wooden paddles. Carbon fiber paddles are not bulletproof, but each paddle is tested up to 20kg weight stress test to ensure their durability. At 880 grams, it is a very light weight paddle. GEARLAB’s signature and patented exchangeable tips, add protection against rocks, reefs and cement.

Inspired by Inuit paddles designed for long travels across far reaching seas, Greenland paddles are solid in the water but light in movement, creating a smooth and enjoyable paddling experience. Designed by a team of experts in industrial design, GEARLAB paddles offer efficient power and precise control in the water and are ideal for long paddling excursions. Constructed of carbon fiber components, GEARLAB paddles are remarkably strong and lightweight.

GEARLAB believes the Greenland style paddle is the best paddle for ocean kayaking. And Akiak is the ultimate solution. While big eared Euro blades are designed for rivers and white waters, long and streamlined Greenland blades are innovated for the ocean.

“With the Akiak we hope to bring the best and most efficient paddling experience to all ocean kayakers around the world,” adds lead designer and co-founder, Henry Chang.

Ocean kayakers who have experienced Greenland style paddles are passionate about its advantages. Over the past few years, GEARLAB has built a solid reputation and healthy cult following of loyal enthusiasts.

“After 192.3 miles of paddling four different GEARLAB paddles, I am convinced that these are absolutely the BEST paddles – a sleek combination of Greenland styling and composite carbon technology.” - Canoe & Kayak Magazine, September 2016

As outdoor enthusiasts who live and work in an urban metropolis, the founders of GEARLAB aim to make outdoor products more user friendly for urban dwellers, minimizing the gap between nature and the city. Located in Taiwan, the company is central to product development and manufacturing, which means their design and development process is agile and efficient. GEARLAB products go through systematic and rigorous research, usability analysis, and field testing. The result is a paddle that easy to transport, buoyant, efficient, light and strong.

About Gearlab:

For past seven years Gearlab has designed and manufactured Greenland style carbon fiber paddles for ocean kayakers around the world. Created by a team of award winning industrial designers and outdoor enthusiasts, the paddles are adapted from indigenous Inuit designs. Greenland paddles provide the longest range, efficiency and precision while reducing injury and fatigue. Made from 100% continuous carbon fiber material, Gearlab perfects thousand-year old ergonomics with advanced material strength and durability. Find out more benefits of Gearlab paddles at

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Communications: Beth Cochran | What’s UP PR |


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