TAIPEI, Taiwan, July 18, 2018. GEARLAB, pioneer of the first modern Greenland-style paddles, introduces its innovative new high-performance Cabin Dry Bag (CDB) in three sizes.

GEARLAB, an award-winning design firm focused on better solutions for specific sport applications, saw a problem with lightweight dry bags across the market. Lightweight dry bags typically do not withstand the beating they take against shore rocks nor do they hold up against repeated squeezing in and out of a kayak’s cabin. Many lightweight fabrics tear or break easily. The alternative to a lightweight dry bag is a heavyweight tarpaulin PVC dry bag. However, these bags are not only heavy, but their bulky roll top is often difficult to close and makes for inefficient storage in tight places.

To address this challenge, GEARLAB designed a dry gear bag that is both lightweight and durable, making it ideal for sea kayaking and long expeditions. The Cabin Dry Bag is shaped better for efficient storage. It offers less weight at the top of the bag, allowing for an easy roll-top closure. The lower shell is fashioned from a more durable TPU fabric. The CDB is available in three sizes: 10 Liter, 14 Liter, and 18 Liter.

Other features on the Cabin Dry Bag include tote-style handles with top webbing and a bottom handle designed for quick cabin grab and removal. The CDB’s unique design also allows dual zones for dry and wet storage. The bag’s bottom half enclosure is designed for dry goods, and the top half provides an open-air stuffing zone for wet goods. The two-tone heather fabric features dual sides coated with TPU and a PU top to allow for a quick spray-down cleaning. While its innovative high-tech design makes it perfectly suited for outdoor pursuits on the water, the Cabin Dry Bag also features a handsome two-tone design that will allow it to carry over for urban lifestyles.

Come see the new bags and try out GEARLAB’s Greenland-style paddles at the Outdoor Retailer Demo Day, July 22, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., at Denver’s Confluence Park.


For the past seven years, GEARLAB has designed and manufactured Greenland-style carbon fiber paddles for ocean kayakers around the world. Created by a team of award-winning industrial designers and outdoor enthusiasts, the paddles are adapted from indigenous Inuit designs. Greenland paddles allow kayakers to travel farther with greater efficiency and precision, while reducing injury and fatigue. Made from 100 percent continuous carbon fiber material, GEARLAB paddles perfect thousand-year-old ergonomics with advanced material strength and durability. GEARLAB paddles will open up a new realm of adventure for both recreational and advanced kayakers. Discover the benefits of GEARLAB paddles at

Contact: Mike Shih | GEARLAB |

Communications: Beth Cochran | What's UP PR |


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