GearLab Retains What’s UP Public Relations as Agency of Record

Pioneers of the first modern Greenland style paddles
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Taipei, Taiwan - April 10, 2018  


Taipei, Taiwan, April 10, 2018. GEARLAB Outdoor is an award-winning design company introducing its high performance open water excursion paddles to North America. Having pioneered the first modern Greenland style paddles with exchangeable tips, GEARLAB paddles and accessories use ancient wisdom and modern materials, fusing efficiency and technology like no other design in the world. With new products slated for release in 2018, this month GEARLAB Outdoor has named What’s UP Public Relations the agency of record.

Inspired by Inuit paddles designed for long travels across formidable seas, Greenland paddles are solid in the water but light in movement, creating a smooth and enjoyable paddling experience. Designed by a team of experts in industrial design, GEARLAB’s paddles offer efficient power and precise control in the water and are ideal for long paddling excursions. Constructed of carbon fiber components, GEARLAB paddles are remarkably strong and lightweight.

Unique to GEARLAB are removable/exchangeable tips. Inspired by the Inuit tradition of strengthening paddles with bone, walrus ivory, and harder wood at the ends, GEARLAB integrates durable polyamide tips onto carbon fiber shafts to extend the life of the paddle. The tip attaches flush to the paddle for a smooth paddle stroke.

This season GEARLAB debuts a new series of touring and surfing paddles. Current offerings, available online and through select retail partners in North America, include the best selling series Akiak and Nukilik touring paddles, and the Kayakid and Aukaneck surfing paddles.

The founders of GEARLAB created a full-service award winning industrial design firm. They are also outdoors enthusiasts who live and work in an urban metropolis.

Co-founder Chungshih Sun, a graduate of Domus Academy in Design, is a board member of the Taiwan Kayaking Association. As a lover of the outdoors his passions include ocean kayaking, whitewater kayaking, kite surfing, and mountain climbing.

Co-Founder Henry Chang graduated from the University Michigan School of Industrial Design, and serves as head designer for GEARLAB Design.

The founders’ solid industrial design background ensures all GEARLAB products go through systematic and rigorous research, usability analysis, and field testing. Located in Taiwan, the company is central to product development and manufacturing, which means that their design and development process is agile and efficient.

“Most of our development or manufacturing issues can be addressed in person the same week if not same day,” Sun says.

GEARLAB aims to use its professional industrial design expertise to make outdoor products more user friendly for urban dwellers, minimalizing the gap between nature and urban dwellers. The founders also hope to introduce more kayakers to the advantages of Greenland-style paddles that allow users to paddle longer, reducing fatigue and injury.

Ocean kayakers who have experienced Greenland style paddles are passionate about its advantages. Over the past few years, Gearlab has built a solid reputation and group of loyal enthusiasts.

Given the loyalty the brand inspires, GEARLAB’s founders felt it was time to add additional support with What’s UP Public Relations, a seasoned and reputable expert in the outdoor market.

“Beth at What’s UP PR has a deep understanding of outdoor brands and the market, and What’s UP PR has been known for their innovation and efficiency. GearLab looks forward to expanding its outdoor paddle and gear lines with What’s UP PR,” says Sun.

What’s UP founder Beth Cochran is also excited about the collaboration.

“We were elated to get a call from Mike Shih at GEARLAB, asking to communicate their goals and objectives for the coming year,” says Cochran. “Innovation is the foundation of the outdoor specialty market. With enormous talent at its helm, award-winning designs and a large cult following, it’s time to share news of what GEARLAB is doing worldwide. We are motivated to make GEARLAB Outdoor a ‘go-to’ name in ocean and lake kayaking.”

GEARLAB paddles were designed, produced and tested by a team of industrial engineers who are passionate about outdoor adventures, especially paddling. “We understand what paddlers need and want, and built top-quality paddles that enhance speed, agility, adventure and fun on the water,” adds Sun.


GEARLAB paddles were designed, produced and tested by a team of industrial engineers who are passionate about outdoor adventures, especially paddling. We understand what paddlers need and want, and build top-quality paddles that enhance speed, agility, adventure and fun on the water.


Mike Shih | GearLab


Beth Cochran | What’s UP PR


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