Garmont Receives 14 awards for the 2010 Ski Boot Line

Garmont has received14 awards for their Telemark, ski mountaineering, freeride AT, and Alpine boots from Backcountry Magazine Editor’s Choice Awards, Skiing Magazine Official Ski Test Selection, and Powder Magazine Skier’s Choice Awards.

08.28.2009 – (Williston, Vermont) Backcountry, Skiing, and Powder magazines have hit the newsstands with their gear guide issues. Among the three magazines, Garmont ski boots have been awarded Backcountry Magazine Editor's Choice Awards, Skiing Magazine Official Ski Test Selection, and Powder Magazine Skier's Choice Awards. Totaling 14 awards for the 2010 ski season, Garmont won awards in all of their boot categories - Alpine Power Performance, Alpine Freeride, Ski Mountaineering, and Telemark.

The most award-winning boot in the Garmont collection is the new Prophet NTN Telemark ski boot. Outstanding tester response, exceptionally high scores, and category-leading overall performance contributed to our selection of the Prophet and Voodoo as 2010 Backcountry Magazine Editor's Choices, said Backcountry Editor Drew Pogge. Paul Parker comments, “When we decided to develop an NTN boot, we weren't going to modify existing boots. We committed to a completely new Telemark boot design, using what we had learned from our new a.d.d. Overlap AT boot design, and the unique anatomic fit of our newest Alpine and AT collection. We were committed to taking Telemark skiing to the next level. It's gratifying to have that effort acknowledged.”

The new Voodoo and the softer flexing, lower-cuffed Kenai Telemark boots, built for the 75 mm bindings system, feature the same award-winning a.d.d. Overlap design. One tester's comment on Voodoo was, “Smoooooth flex. It fits great out of the box, and drives like a European sports car on the Autobahn.” Voodoo won Backcountry Editor's Choice and the Skiing Official Ski Test Selection. Women's Elektra also won Skiing's award.

Skiing magazine complimented Garmont's powerful Alpine model Shaman saying, “Bravo to Garmont for not messing with a good thing” and “Testers universally admired it.” Skiing Magazine comments, “ Garmont did its homework here, drawing from veteran designers with years of successful race-boot engineering.”

Backcountry Magazine awarded Editor's Choice to Garmont's Radium in 2009. For 2010 the Radium and the new women's Luster have received awards from Skiing Magazine. Endorphin and the women's Xena received awards from Skiing for the freeride category.

Garmont focuses on designing ski boots for skiers who seek adventure and extraordinary experiences. Garmont boots have skied many noteworthy lines on the feet of ski mountaineers Chris Davenport, Kim Havell, and Dave Watson. Earlier this month, Dave Watson skied the Bottleneck on K2 from 8350 meters to Camp 3. In June, Kim Havell skied from the summit of Denali as part of the “Electric Eels,” all female expedition. Last spring, Davenport completed his quest to ski four of the highest and most famous peaks in the Alps: Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and the Eiger.

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