Four Women to Bike Across the U.S. this Fall as “Women on Wheels for Wild Lands” to Educate and to Seek Protection for Public Lands that are in Danger

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Women on Wheels for Wild Lands (WOWFWL), will be setting off on a three-month, cross-country cycling adventure this September

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - July 18, 2017

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On September 9th, four recent college graduates who call themselves Women on Wheels for Wild Lands (WOWFWL), will be setting off on a three-month, 4,871 mile cross-country cycling adventure. Outraged by the current political threats facing public lands, and passionate about getting outside and exploring America’s beautiful natural areas, they believe they can bring awareness to the issue by visiting as many public lands as possible during their journey.

The bike trip will take about 100 days as they bike coast to coast from San Francisco, Calif. to Columbia, SC, stopping to interview individuals and organizations who visit, work in and advocate for the land. The women’s trip will be unassisted, carrying all of their own camping, cooking, biking and technological gear.

All four women including Katie Ledermann, Hannah Field, Alexandra Benjamin and Ariana Amini are born-and-raised Minnesotans and have grown up exploring national and state parks and biking local Twin Cities trails. They have experienced and know the value of public, outdoor spaces like these firsthand and believe that public lands deserve a voice. Therefore, the mission of their trip will be to educate and bring greater awareness to the general public on the importance of and controversy surrounding public lands in America.

The biggest threat facing public lands is the potential transfer of federally owned lands to individual states who don’t have the resources to manage them, possibly forcing states to sell the land to private business and industry. Directing the public’s attention toward the issue could keep these lands open to the public and prevent them from being developed.

The WOWFWL team believes that all citizens deserve to live in a world connected to their environment. As a team, they care about what happens to public lands and want to ensure its people have access to outdoor opportunities. They will also emphasize not only the importance of public lands, but also how crucial the outdoors is in being an equal playing field for all to enjoy.

In order to make this trip as meaningful as possible and accomplish the mission, they are partnering with organizations and companies to help strengthen and spread their story and make their trip possible. For more information or to donate to their trip, visit their website and follow the blog, as well as like their Facebook page. They will be tagging and listing their sponsors and generous donors on their website and in their posts throughout the trip. If you are interested in writing a story or meeting with the group along their route, contact them at