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DriDown™ slays competition, sweeps through Sierra Designs’ line-up

Comprehensive lab testing confirms DriDown’s™ superior performance, Sierra Designs invests heavily in industry-leading technology for sleeping bags and apparel

DriDown™ slays the competition, sweeps through Sierra Designs’ down sleeping bag and apparel lines

Comprehensive lab testing confirms DriDown’s™ superior performance, Sierra Designs invests heavily in industry-leading technology

BOULDER, COLO. (July 12, 2012) – Independent third-party testing confirms DriDown™, a hydrophobic finish applied to down plumes to increase performance in the presence of moisture, outperforms the leading hydrophobic down competitor, staying dry 2.5 times longer and retaining 39% more loft in the presence of moisture during comprehensive, third-party lab testing conducted by California Down and Feather Testing Laboratory.

As the industry leader in hydrophobic down technology, Sierra Designs has been instrumental in working with third party test facilities including SGS North America, Inc., California Down and Feather Testing Laboratory, and International Down and Feather Testing Laboratory to establish test methodologies to set industry standards for comparing the performance of various hydrophobic down insulations.

“Not all hydrophobic down is created equal, and we have independent, third-party test results to prove it,” said Michael Glavin, Vice President for Sierra Designs. “When we launched DriDown™ last winter, we established ourselves as an industry leader and these test results only enhance our position. We’re dedicated to DriDown™ and will introduce it into all of our new for 2013 down products.”

Sierra Designs will invest heavily in this technology, expanding their DriDown™ insulation program to 80% of their down sleeping bag line and 100% of their new for 2013 technical down apparel line. DriDown™ will be introduced into ultralight sleeping bags, expedition sleeping bags, and down apparel.

The men’s Cal and women’s Clo will both feature 800-fill DriDown™ and InsoTect Flow™ vertical baffles for superior performance and for weight savings. The Cal will be offered in the EN-tested 6°, 13°, and 30° models while the Clo will be offered in the EN-tested 18° and 25° models.

Updated for 2013, our 800-fill BTU series expedition sleeping bags stay lofty, warm, and dry thanks to a Drizone waterproof/breathable membrane on the outside and DriDown™ on the inside.

The Zissou and Eleanor, the first DriDown™ bags to hit the market, will now be insulated with 700-fill DriDown™ treated duck down, offering an enhanced warmth to weight ratio, increased compressibility, and a more value-oriented price tag.

Lightweight, packable, and ideal for layering, the 12-ounce Cloud Puffy jacket is insulated with 800-fill DriDown™ for supreme performance in all weather conditions and all activities.

About Sierra Designs:

Founded in 1965 at the beginning of the golden age of backpacking and climbing, Sierra Designs draws on an extensive heritage to create innovative, technologically-advanced outdoor equipment to compliment any active, outdoor lifestyle. With years of experience designing best in class tents, sleeping bags, apparel, packs and gloves, Sierra Designs has been to every corner of the world, from the highest peaks in the Himalaya to the campground down the road. Whether you’re an ultralight hiker, world-class mountaineer, or recreational camper, Sierra Designs has you covered. (www.SierraDesigns.com).



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