Brooks-Range Hires New Sales Reps in the Northwest and Midwest

Brooks-Range Mountaineering Equipment hires Craig Dixon of Cascade Alpinist to handle sales in the Northwest and Bill Cochrane with Active Outdoors Group to cover sales in the Midwest region of the U.S.

FREMONT, CALIF. (July 19, 2010) – Brooks-Range Mountaineering Equipment, a manufacturer of high-quality backcountry and mountaineering equipment, has welcomed two additional sales reps to the Brooks-Range family. Starting immediately, Craig Dixon of Cascade Alpinist will be handling all sales in the Northwest region, and Bill Cochrane with Active Outdoors Group will cover sales in the Midwest region of the U.S.

Craig Dixon at Cascade Alpinist is a Washington native who has climbed throughout western Europe, as well as the Cascades. He is also an avid athlete when it comes to AT Ski Touring and fly-fishing. He has applied his personal endeavors into a successful sales business and will represent Brooks-Range in Wash., Ore., Idaho, Mont., Alaska, Calif., and Nev. “Brooks-Range has the quintessential tools for serious backcountry travel,” said Dixon. “The product line reflects years of serious mountain travel experience. From the serrated edge on the snow shovels, to the functional map tools or the zephyr-light tarp shelters – everything has been created to optimize backcountry use and travel efficiency. Brooks-Range has products that I would use in the backcountry.”

Bill Cochrane and his team at Active Outdoors Group will represent Brooks-Range in Ohio, Mich., Ind., and Tex. With over 25 years of experience in the outdoor industry, Cochrane represents a variety of high caliber brands. “I appreciated the fact that Matt developed his company out of a need for a better product and that he has expanded his product offerings without sacrificing quality and design,” said Cochrane. “The bottom line is that Brooks-Range is an innovative, versatile, unique company that develops products with a safety first approach. Their products can help assure you have a positive adventure outdoors.”

“Brooks-Range seeks the best of the best in the outdoor industry and these reps not only sell products successfully in the outdoor marketplace, they use them,” said Matt Brooks, president of Brooks-Range Mountaineering Equipment. “These professionals can genuinely speak about the products they represent. Authenticity is key and we have found two new sales reps who put their own money where their mouth is.“

Brooks-Range will continue to add more outside sales representatives, further increasing their high level of customer service that both retailers and consumers have come to expect. Please contact Matt Brooks ( for more information on Brooks-Range's employment needs.

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For press inquires, contact:
Katy Gaenicke, KGPR Ink

For sales inquires, contact:
Craig Dixon
Cascade Alpinist
Covering: Wash., Ore., Idaho, Mont., Alaska, Calif., and Nev.

Bill Cochrane
Active Outdoors Group
Covering: Ohio, Mich., Ind., and Tex.