BOB Continues to Lead the Jogging Stroller Category

BOB Continues to Lead the Jogging Stroller Category Through Consistent Evolution of the Product Line, Growth of Brand

BOISE, ID (May 15, 2006) – In the ‘80s, the Sport Utility Vehicle took the automobile industry by storm – introducing America to a rugged, roomy ride built to support the consumer with the active, off-roading lifestyle. Soon after its introduction, additional features were added and the SUV quickly evolved from a niche market offering to a mainstream marvel – meeting the needs of not only the excursion enthusiast, but also the everyday driver who desired durability coupled with comfort and luxury. Much like the SUV revolutionized the world of cars, BOB has led the way in redefining the expectation for the jogging stroller – aiming to meet the needs of a similarly comprehensive customer base ranging from the most serious runner to the active parent simply in need of a high-quality, easy-to-use model offering superior performance.

BOB began to raise the bar in the standard of stroller offerings when it introduced its first model – the three-wheeled Sport Utility Stroller – in 1998. Developed in response to a lack of movement and improvement in the stroller market – specifically in regard to jogger models – BOB set out to satisfy those parents with an active lifestyle who placed value on both quality time spent with their children and outdoor physical activity. Prior to this introduction, jogging strollers were cumbersome and difficult to fold – often requiring a minivan or large vehicle for transport – and four-wheeled strollers, although lightweight and foldable, were compromised in durability and off-road capability.

“During early design and development, we wanted to provide the best of both worlds – a lightweight, high-quality model with which you could run, hike and go off-road, yet still fold up easily,” said Roger Malinowski, president and co-founder of BOB. “The introduction of the entirety of these elements in one model is what really attracted people to the product.”

BOB's first Sport Utility Stroller was a success, providing the company with the resources to continue to expand upon the popular model's features. After appeasing multi-child families with its two-seater Sport Utility Stroller Duallie, BOB took the jogger to the next level, co-branding with triathlon promoter Ironman® to introduce the Ironman Sport Utility Stroller in 2003 – a lighter weight model with high-pressure road tires and stiff shocks that served to build company visibility and sales among serious athletes and authentic jogging stroller users. 2005 brought about another revolutionary feature from BOB– a swiveling front wheel that became the trademark of the Revolution – a stroller that provides easy maneuverability around tight corners and narrow aisles, but can also accommodate jogging and off-road use. BOB now offers eight individual stroller models that appeal to a broad audience, making it the jogging stroller company with the widest selection and number of product offerings, as well as one of the longest-running businesses under continued ownership in this category.

The addition of unique features to further enhance product performance, including an adjustable fine-tune tracking device, adjustable sun canopies and a patented suspension system on each model has served to heighten BOB's appeal, and the brand has further evolved to include a significant line of accessories to complement the stroller – including an Infant Car Seat Adapter that allows all BOB single-seat strollers to be used from infancy to age 4 or 5. Further reinvigoration of the market through consistent introduction of the newest features will continue to be a trademark of the company, according to Malinowski.

“The driving philosophy of this company has and always will be product development,” he said. “We are unique in that the entire staff – including our engineers and research and development team – is all under one roof. This allows us to react quickly to customer feedback and current market trends."

BOB experienced a growth rate of 70 percent in 2005, and expects continued economic success in its new home in Boise, ID. Five new positions have already been created since the company's January 2006 relocation, and an additional five will likely be filled in the near future. Boise –currently home to seven Fortune 500 companies – provides the ideal economic environment for BOB's expected continued growth, which Malinowski predicts will result from more of the same and bigger and better things from the company.

“We are definitely committed to the jogging stroller category and are always trying to improve upon what we do and what we offer,” said Malinowski. “Our products continue to be defined by customer requirements and sensitivity to market changes – whether we are accommodating them or initiating them. As long as we can keep our customers happy, our staying power in this industry is inevitable.”

BOB intends to capitalize on its consistent growth by investing in the appropriate resources to ensure the company continues to develop high-quality products with tremendous value for families.

“We are not deviating from where we came from – just improving upon it,” said Malinowski. “Our core values will never change. But gaining size allows you to approach things in a different light, and we are now getting to a size where there is a myriad of possibilities.”

Look for BOB Strollers and accessories in baby stores and sporting goods stores nationwide. BOB formed in 1994 as one of the first manufacturers of single-wheeled bicycle cargo trailers. As the founders of the company became fathers, they designed and developed the first Sport Utility Stroller in 1998. For more information, visit the website at Editors may also contact On the Horizon Communications at (805) 773-1000 or for more information, digital images, or to test a demo stroller for 90 days.


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