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Black Diamond Asia Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Black Diamond Equipment announced the 5th Anniversary of Black Diamond Asia, a cross-functional subsidiary based in Zhuhai, China.

Black Diamond Equipment, a leading global climbing and freeride ski brand, announced the 5th Anniversary of Black Diamond Asia, a cross-functional subsidiary based in Zhuhai, China.

“Since our inception of Black Diamond Asia in late 2005, the facility has grown to over 165 employees that manufacture core BD products, inspect and test all product made for global distribution, support product development initiatives and audit Black Diamond’s Asian based supplier partners for compliance with BD’s Supplier Code of Conduct,” explains Peter Metcalf, CEO. “Black Diamond Asia plays a pivotal role in our organization growing to meet worldwide demand.”

As Black Diamond’s business has become globally focused the role of the Zhuhai facility has become increasingly important. Highlights from the five years of operation include: anodizing over one million carabiners in Black Diamond’s in-house closed-loop anodization line which treats and re-uses 100% of waste water. Founding the annual Yangshuo Climbing Festival with twin goals to promote a sense of community among climbers throughout China and support the sustainable development of rock climbing in the Yangshuo area. Finally, fulfilling the role as Black Diamond’s global distribution center while improving order fulfillment rates and delivery times concurrent to minimizing the environmental footprint via reduced shipping volumes.

Ryan Gellert, Senior Director of Supply Chain Management explains, “One of the things we are most proud of is the fact that we've built a team and opened a facility that looks and feels like a China-based extension of BD. Many employees from the US and Europe have spent time in Zhuhai while a cross-section of our Chinese team has trained in Salt Lake.The result is a team that really understands each other, enjoys working together and truly gets what Black Diamond is all about. “

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