American Alpine Club Hosts Four International Events

Underscoring the American Alpine Club’s commitment to building and supporting the climbing community, the organization is hosting a foursome of major international events this season.
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Underscoring the American Alpine Club's commitment to building and supporting the climbing community, the organization is hosting a foursome of major international events this season: an historic Chinese-American Ladies' Climbing Exchange, the country's first ever International Climbers' Meet, a new international climbing festival called the Craggin' Classic, and an unprecedented International Editors' Summit.

The Chinese-American Ladies' Climbing Exchange is unfolding on both American and Chinese rock. With the AAC Grand Teton Climbers' Ranch serving as base camp, six Chinese and six American women partook in the U.S. portion in mid-June. All six Chinese were part of May's Mount Everest Olympic torch–bearing relay team; included in the group was Ciren Wangmu, the Tibetan climber who hoisted the torch atop Everest. The exchange was emblematic of the AAC's focus on bringing climbers together from a diversity of backgrounds. AAC Team Captain Nancy Norris teamed up with AAC Team Leader Eliza Moran to make the event possible. As Norris noted, “The AAC has a history of crossing political boundaries to help climbers find each other in this world.” On October 18, the second half of the exchange begins in China.

The inaugural International Climbers' Meet, slated for October 3-9 at Indian Creek, Utah, takes the AAC's international commitment to the next level. “In addition to showing the AAC's ability to reach climbers around the globe, I am really excited to share some of our country's most unique climbing,” expresses American Alpine Club President and event founder Jim Donini. The AAC has extended an open invitation to the global community for a pair of young climbers (one male and one female) from each country, and is seeking American host climbers. Minimum qualifications include the ability to lead 5.10, E2, or French 6b.

Following a week at the Creek packed with climbing, guest speakers, slideshows, and conservation projects, the group will travel back to the American Mountaineering Center in Golden, CO, for the AAC's first annual Craggin' Classic, October 10-12. The festival is open to AAC members and non-members and provides the opportunity to climb with a variety of sponsored and international athletes at classic areas like Eldorado Canyon. The event will be packed with parties, BBQ's, bands, slideshows, sumo wrestling and AAC annual award announcements. The Craggin' Classic is made possible with support from key industry sponsors including, Patagonia, Black Diamond, Mammut, Asolo, Lowe Alpine, The North Face, Climbing Magazine and Urban Climber. Additional details can be found at

The AAC's American Alpine Journal staff is organizing a six-day International Editors' Summit starting the same weekend of the Craggin' Classic and also headquartered in Golden, followed by several days in Indian Creek. Approximately 20 editors of mountaineering and rock climbing magazines, journals and websites from a dozen countries are expected. The goal of the summit is to build relationships and hold discussions that will improve reporting on climbing worldwide.

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