3point5.com Launches First Archery Retail Training Site

Taking a significant step into the hunt-fish market, 3point5.com recently launched New Archery Products (NAP), the online retail trainer’s first archery-related site.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT (July 21, 2008) – Taking a significant step into the hunt-fish market, 3point5.com recently launched New Archery Products (NAP), the online retail trainer's first archery-related site.

Forest Park, Ill.-based NAP, is a premier manufacturer of broadheads, arrowrests and vanes which was incorporated in 1974. The innovative company, which invented the QuikSpin vane as well as Spitfire and Thunderhead broadheads, has a reputation for being on the forefront of aerodynamic technology.

3point5.com trains retail salespeople online using a fun, fast, interactive format that can be accessed from any computer at any time. The company's goal: to improve the conversation on the salesfloor by arming retail salespeople with superior brand, technology and product-knowledge. In return for passing 3point5.com “Edu-Games”, retail salespeople earn discounts on the products they sell, while retail managers gain information on what their employees are +training on and buying.

Taking its retail training program online was a natural for NAP, according to General Manager and CFO Holger Vogel.

“NAP has always been at the forefront of technology, so online retail training was a logical step for us,” Vogel said. “3point5.com will give us the ability to easily reach out to our retail salesforce with a consistent message while bolstering the efforts of our sales reps.”

Adding a market leader like NAP bodes well for 3point5.com's efforts to penetrate the hunt/fish market, said 3point5.com CEO Duncan Robins.

“Coming out of the gate with a high-quality, respected hunt/fish brand like NAP gives us momentum as we introduce online retail training to the industry,” Robins said. “The future of retail training is truly online, whether you're talking about the outdoor industry, action sports, team sports, footwear or sports apparel.”

About 3point5.com
3point5.com is an online campus that represents over 80,000 registered pros and sales professionals, 250 manufacturers and over 10,000 retailers in an increasing number of industries, including Outdoor, Snow, Bike, Action Sports, Golf, Tennis and Hunt/Fish. 3point5.com offers a fun and secure place for retail sales professionals to train, access information and interact within their industry.

About NAP
New Archery Products' 29,000 square-foot office and assembly facility in Forest Park, Illinois, is a far cry from its humble birthplace in Andy Simo's basement back in 1971. From the first new archery product, the Flipper Rest, through today's high-tech, high-performance rest, the 360° CaptureRest, the name New Archery Products has always been synonymous with quality, dependability, and innovation. At New Archery Products, our mission and our aim is clear: to produce products that increase the archer's joy of shooting a bow.

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