Video of the day: A 9-year public lands warrior - SNEWS

"Hi, I'm Robbie. I love nature and think kids are the best voice to stand up for parks."  So begins 9-year old Robbie Bond's website home page, dedicated to galvanizing his fellow 4th graders (and all kids) to fight the good fight for public lands.


"When the Trump administration issued an executive order threatening to harm 27 of our
national monuments
, I knew I couldn’t just tour our national parks. I needed to speak up," says the young conservationist. "We must build an army of fourth graders and their families to stand up and speak for the parks. Our government needs to hear, from the youngest amongst us, that our national parks and monuments are not for sale."


Eric Larsen's Earth Day tribute

Eric Larsen's Earth Day tribute

Using footage from the past eight years and from adventures on five continents, polar explorer Eric Larsen created a mash-up video to inspire people on Earth Day. One of Larsen's biggest sources of inspiration is Robert Service's "Call of the Wild" poem, a reading of which more

Sierra Nevada mountain range

Win! Senate passes public lands package

"It's alive!" Patricia Rojas-Ungar and others with Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), wrote in emails on Tuesday afternoon. After much anticipation, the U.S. Senate passed (92-8) a bipartisan public lands package of 170 bills—the Natural Resources Management Act—in one full more