SNEWS® Reader Poll: Industry feels need for social media use policy at work

Should companies establish corporate policies for using social media such as Facebook and Twitter at work? It appears the answer is yes according to the response to our survey. Go to the story to see comments from respondents, and the full results.

The SNEWS® Mini Survey that ended Oct. 26, 2009, asked our readers if their companies have a policy for employees using social media at work. While the overwhelming majority said there were no policies in place, many felt the need to have policies established.

We excerpted two opposing views among those that were shared with us below (identifying company names were removed):

"We have a very stringent policy at my workplace. It's one of the largest banks in the U.S., so we have what I would term a freakish amount of Internet security. I bump up against it fairly frequently, as a marketing executive trying to stay abreast of trends. But overall, I think it's wise for any company to have a well-defined and thoughtful approach to social media access. Productivity, liability, and security issues require it."

“We do not have a policy about abusing social media during work. We're still a private outdoor company with a great deal of trust in our employees. If someone's output slows down, of course we'd become concerned. We're honestly all way too busy to spend too much time on Facebook, etc. If our associates had excess time to waste on social media that would be a good sign we should reduce our workforce. We all spend time working outside of normal hours, so spending a few minutes on Facebook during work hours really isn't an issue for us."

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