SNEWS Reader Poll: Does your company have a dog-friendly policy?

The results are in! Most folks want their pooches (and some kitties, too) at the office while they work...although there was an exception or two. See what else SNEWS Reader Poll respondents had to say about dog-friendly policies at their workplaces.

Shortly after the official Take Your Dog To Work Day, SNEWS® asked our readers about dog-friendly policies (and cats, too) at their companies. The response to the survey, as well as an invite to post photos of dogs and cats at work on the SNEWS fan page on Facebook (, was overwhelming! Most folks do love having their canine and feline friends at work it appears -- although not everyone. One respondent to our survey (presumably one of the ones who also selected “no and glad” when we asked if the company had a dog-friendly policy) posted the following to SNEWS: “Why do dog owners think that it is so wonderful to have their dogs at work? I like dogs, but at work they are a nuisance. It is an imposition on the other people in the office. I say absolutely no pets at the office.”

From the SNEWS perspective, we could not imagine working without the companionship of SNEWS chief pooch, Kayla…but then again, she’s a gem and super well-behaved. We know that not every dog, or cat, is so inclined to be comfortable in a work environment, and can certainly imagine how a dog that wanders the office randomly sniffing butts or rummaging around office cubicles could be seen as an imposition or nuisance.

One company, Mountain Hardwear, actually has a dog council that oversees the company’s dog policy. It mediates any problems that come up and has the power to ban a pet from future visits for bad behavior (whimper). The council includes both those who love dogs at work and those who don’t to keep it balanced, SNEWS was told.

So what did our reader poll discover?

Of those who said their dog accompanies them to work, 47 percent said it was a daily occurrence.

For fun, we asked what the favorite treat was and the answers were all over the place: A long walk; Anything the UPS/FedEx guys give me; Bacon; Bananas; Buffalo bones; Carrots; Chasing squirrels; Dehydrated liver; Greenies; Jerky sticks; Kong with kibble; Liver treats; MarroBones; Meat; Mother Hubbard biscuits; Peanut butter; People’s hands; Ruff Wear Gourdo Toy; Running; Small Milkbone; Sow ears; Venison treats; and Zuke's.

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