SNEWS Qs: Louis Stack, president of Fitter International

Louis Stack dazzled SNEWS with his skills on his company's revamped Bongo Board at the Health and Fitness Business Expo in September. Now he's working to wow the outdoor industry at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market.

Louis Stack


Fitter International

Why is the Bongo Board unique?

My quote is, “If you like your sports on the edge, then Bongo Board is the right training tool for you. This is one fast ride!" The split-bearing barrel shaped urethane roller is designed to allow the board to rotate and spin very easily. Bongo's trade name is special because it has a historical significance that dates back long before the skateboard was invented. One could argue that the board on the roller was one of the first extreme products ever offered commercially. Our newest design incorporates two end bumpers that give the board greater stability and make it easier for beginners to master.

Why did you decide to show this product at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market?

We know that outdoor sports folks love and need good balance.

What makes this product good for this audience?

Functional core strength and super-fast reaction and recovery skills help keep us safe and healthy. These same skills also help us reach the highest level we can in our sport. At the World Cup Gym we set up at Lake Louise resort, Bongo was always the most popular product for athletes to shake off jet lag and prepare for on the edge runs on the first downhill race of the season. Bongo Board is the fastest, most advanced balance-training product Fitter offers, and now it has a very attractive retail packaging and margin offer to resellers.

Do you currently have your product in any specialty outdoor retailers?

MEC in Canada carries it, as do many specialty health, fitness and sport stores across North America and in Europe. It was also one of our best sellers in SkyMall back in the days before the web.

What are you looking forward to most about Outdoor Retailer Winter Market?

I love the attendees as they mostly live the lifestyle of their customers. Active outdoor types all understand that if they have great function and strength, they will be better at the sport they love so they use our products for prehab (prevention of injury) and to help them achieve there highest level. Those who do get hurt have to take time off to recover, and then end up using Fitterfirst products as part of the rehab program.

So it is your choice: Ddo functional skill-building so you don't get hurt, or do it because you did get hurt and now you have to recover. Do you brush your teeth so you do not get cavities or because you have cavities? The brush never changes just the timing of when, and the reasons why you use it. I figure stay balanced, stay healthy!

-- Compiled by Ana Trujillo



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