SNEWS® Live: 'Lean Mommy' offers advice to new moms about fitness and baby bonding

Stroller Strides President and CEO Lisa Druxman talks to SNEWS® Live about her new book "Lean Mommy."
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SNEWS® Live: Lisa Druxman is a dynamic entrepreneur who has blended her life's passion with the duties of motherhood to create a unique and successful business. She's president and CEO of Stroller Strides, a fitness-training program that helps new mothers bond with their babies while learning lifestyle skills that encourage physical and emotional balance. With more than 190 franchise locations around the country, Druxman is leading a movement to empower woman to take control of their health and wellbeing to become positive role models for their young children.

In her new book "Lean Mommy," Druxman shares her philosophy on how to speed up post-natal recovery to achieve a happy and productive life in fitness. SNEWS® Live connected with her on the phone to tell us more.