SNEWS® Live: Industry internship programs benefit students and companies alike

SNEWS® Live takes a look at the benefits of a summer internship program for both the intern and the employer.

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SNEWS® Live: Carri Behe is a senior and marketing major at the University of West Virginia. Like most college students, her summer jobs mainly consisted of waiting tables and taking tickets at the local movie house -- not the best environment to develop worthwhile skills for gainful employment. But over the past few months, she's had an opportunity to get real work experience in her chosen profession as a summer marketing intern for the outdoor footwear company Keen.

Several companies in the outdoor industry provide opportunities for college students and the recently graduated to gain valuable work experience as interns. But these young people are given much more responsibility than answering phones, stuffing envelopes and fetching coffee. They're taking on real responsibilities and performing tasks that matter to companies they work for.

SNEWS® Live connected with a few industry professionals to get their take on the value of interns. We also spoke to a couple young people who are just getting started in their careers. In this podcast edition, we bring you the story of how internship programs can work to the mutual benefit of both.