SNEWS® Live: "End of Nature" author proposes market solution to climate change at Conservation Alliance Breakfast

Author and environmental activist Bill McKibben addresses the biannual Conservation Alliance Breakfast meeting with ideas for the private sector to convince consumers to curb their carbon emissions.

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SNEWS® Live: In his book "The End of Nature," writer Bill McKibben was among the first to issue a warning and spell out the circumstances under which the industrialized nations of the world might cause a profound shift in the earth's climate resulting in irrevocable harm to the planet and the life it sustains.

That was 20 years ago, but it was not until recently that the world began taking the phenomenon known now as global warming seriously. With the concentration of the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in excess of 380 parts per billion in the atmosphere, McKibben said our planet is now in a state of crisis, the point at which we must immediately change course or face inevitable destruction.

At Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2008, McKibben was the keynote speaker at the biannual breakfast meeting of the Conservation Alliance, a consortium of outdoor companies dedicated to environmental preservation. He offered up a number of ways that private sector companies in the outdoor industry might use social influence and marketing savvy to convince consumers to curb their carbon emissions.

As McKibben spoke to this gathering of outdoor industry manufacturers, retailers, sales reps and media, SNEWS® Live was there with microphone in hand to record and bring you his full presentation.