At this year's Outdoor Retailer Snow Show, SNEWS and The Voice hosted a trivia night that brought dozens of outdoor geeks together to test their knowledge of obscure and entertaining industry factoids. Held at Earl’s Kitchen + Bar in downtown Denver, the event was full of melding minds, flowing apps and beverages, and friends bonding over minutiae as everyone got a little smarter, a little more informed, and—as the night wore on—a little more competitive.

But only one team emerged victorious. James Mills, Chez Chesak, Dave Petri, Steve Yocom, Jordan Meeks, Tate Lewon, and Steven Reinhold ultimately walked away with with national parks sweatshirts from The North Face, camping swag, and a free full-page ad in the next issue of The Voice. The second-place finishers, a team from Verde Brand Communications, lost by only one point.

Did you miss SNEWS' outdoor trivia night but think you have what it takes to go toe to toe with the winning team? Over the next four weeks, we'll be re-releasing the questions in sets of 10, so you can test your industry expertise from the comfort of your own desk. 

To see how you stack up, track your scores and post them in the comments below. 


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